Andrey Malenko

Jon D. Gruber Career Development Professor of Finance
Associate Professor of Finance

Biography | Selected Publications

"Timing Decisions in Organizations: Communication and Authority in a Dynamic Environment." Grenadier, Steven R., Andrey Malenko and Nadya Malenko, Stanford University Graduate School of Business Research Paper 15-1. November 2015. 

"A Theory of LBO Activity based on Repeated Debt-Equity Conflicts” Malenko, Andrey and Nadya Malenko. Journal of Financial Economics Vol. 117, No. 3 (2015): 607-627. (2015)

“Strategic and Financial Bidders in Takeover Auctions.” Gorbenko, Alexander S. and Andrey Malenko. Journal of Finance Vol. 69, No. 6 (2014): 2513-2555.  (2014)

"Investment Busts, Reputation, and the Temptation to Blend in with the Crowd." Grenadiera, Steven R., Andrey Malenko and Ilya A. Strebulaeva. Journal of Financial Economics Vol. 111, No. 1 (2014): 137-157.  (2014)

"Optimal Dynamic Capital Budgeting." Malenko, Andrey, Working Paper. November 2013. 

"Real Options Signaling Games with Applications to Corporate Finance." Grenadier, Steven R. and Andrey Malenko. Review of Financial Studies Vol. 24, No. 12 (2011): 3993-4036. (2011)

"Competition among Sellers in Securities Auctions." Gorbenko, Alexander S. and Andrey Malenko. American Economic Review Vol. 101, No. 5 (2011): 1806-1841.  (2011)

"A Bayesian Approach to Real Options: The Case of Distinguishing Between Temporary and Permanent Shocks." Grenadier, Steven R. and Andrey Malenko. Journal of Finance Vol. 65, No. 5 (2010): 1949-1986.  (2010)


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General Expertise
Auctions; Bankruptcy; Capital budgeting; Contracting; Corporate finance; Corporate governance; Investment analysis; Investment policy; Mergers and acquisitions; Private equity; Valuation