Andrey Malenko

Jon D. Gruber Career Development Professor of Finance
Associate Professor of Finance

Biography | Selected Publications

"A Theory of LBO Activity based on Repeated Debt-Equity Conflicts” (with Nadya Malenko), Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming

“Strategic and Financial Bidders in Takeover Auctions” (with Alexander S. Gorbenko), Journal of Finance 69, 2513-2555, December 2014

Investment Busts, Reputation, and the Temptation to Blend in with the Crowd (2014)

Annual Reviews of Financial Economics, Volume 3 (2012)

Competition among Sellers in Securities Auctions (2011)

Dutch Not Facing Up to Pension Troubles (2011)

Real Options Signaling Games with Applications to Corporate Finance (2011)

A Bayesian Approach to Real Options: The Case of Distinguishing Between Temporary and Permanent Shocks (2010)

Annual Reviews of Financial Economics, Volume 2 (2010)

Solutions for the Future (2010)

Transparantie in pensioensector nog ver te zoeken (Adjusted Actuarial Cost Price Conflicts with Transparency Requirement) (2010)

Tribute to Paul A. Samuelson (2010)

Annual Reviews of Financial Economics, Volume 1 (2009)

Disclose the Fair Value of Complex Securities (2009)

Financial Economics, 2nd edition (2009)

MIT Roundtable on Corporate Risk Management (2008)

Applying Modern Risk Management to Equity and Credit Analysis (2007)

Contingent Claims Approach to Measuring and Managing Sovereign Credit Risk (2007)

Allocating Shareholder Capital to Pension Plans (2006)

Do a Firm's Equity Returns Reflect the Risk of Its Pension Plan? (2006)

Made to Measure Is the Best Fit for Future Pensions (2006)

Observations on Innovation in Pension Fund Management in the Impending Future (2006)

Paul Samuelson and Financial Economics (2006)

A Proposal for Expensing Employee Compensatory Stock Options for Financial Reporting Purposes (2005)

You Have More Capital than You Think (2005)


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Office: E62-619
Tel: (617) 225-9301
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Name: Laura Brentrup
Tel: (617) 715-2845

General Expertise
Auctions; Bankruptcy; Capital budgeting; Contracting; Corporate finance; Corporate governance; Investment analysis; Investment policy; Mergers and acquisitions; Private equity; Valuation