Catherine Turco

Theodore T. Miller Career Development Professor
Associate Professor of Work and Organization Studies

Biography | Selected Publications

“So You Think You Can Dance: Lessons from the U.S. Private Equity Bubble.” Turco, Catherine and Ezra Zuckerman. Sociological Science 1:81-101. (2014)

“Betrayal as Market Barrier: Identity-Based Limits to Diversification among High-Status Corporate Law Firms.” Phillips, Damon, Catherine Turco, and Ezra Zuckerman. American Journal of Sociology 118(4): 1025-54. (2013)

“Difficult Decoupling: Employee Resistance to the Commercialization of Personal Life.” Turco, Catherine. American Journal of Sociology 118(2): 380-419. (2012)

“Motherhood, Inc.: Cultural and Organizational Dynamics in the Commercialization of PersonalLife.” Turco, Catherine. (Thesis) Harvard University, Department of Sociology. (2011)

“The Cultural Foundations of Tokenism: Evidence from the Leveraged Buyout Industry.” Turco, Catherine. American Sociological Review 75(6): 894-913. (2010)


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General Expertise
Organizational culture; Sociology