Roger Stein

Senior Lecturer and Research Affiliate

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"Financing Drug Discovery for Orphan Diseases." Fagnan, David E., Austin A. Gromatzky, Roger M. Stein, Jose-Maria Fernandez and Andrew W. Lo. Drug Discovery Today Vol. 19, No. 5. (2014): 533-538. (2014)

"To Cure Cancer, Provide a Profit Motive." Lo, Andrew W. and Roger M. Stein. Scientific American Forum, March 2014.

"Can Financial Engineering Cure Cancer?" Fagnan, David E., Jose Maria Fernandez, Andrew W. Lo and Roger M. Stein. American Economic Review Vol. 103, No. 3 (2013): 406-411. (2013)

"Commercializing Biomedical Research Through Securitization Techniques." Fernandez, Jose-Maria, Roger M. Stein and Andrew W. Lo. Nature Biotechnology Vol. 30, No. 10 (2012): 964-975. (2012)

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Applied probability; Applied probability; Bankruptcy; Big data; Business intelligence; Data analytics; Data management; Data mining; Data mining; Data mining; Data mining; Decision making; Decision support; Econometrics; Econometrics; Financial econometrics; Financial engineering; Financial information technology; Financial information technology; Innovation; Innovation management; Innovative thinking; Knowledge management; Knowledge management; Leadership; Machine learning; Predictive analytics; Predictive analytics; Product development; Product innovation; Product management; Product strategy; Risk capital; Risk management; Risk management; Social entrepreneurship; Social responsibility; Strategic planning; Strategy; Talent management; Technology transfer