Eric So

Sarofim Family Career Development Professor
Assistant Professor of Accounting

Biography | Selected Publications

A New Approach to Predicting Analyst Forecast Errors: Do Investors Overweight Analyst Forecasts (2013)

Analyst Initiations of Coverage and Stock-Return Synchronicity (2012)

Identifying Expectation Errors in Value/Glamour Strategies: A Fundamental Analysis Approach (2012)

The Option to Stock Volume Ratio and Future Returns (2012)


Contact Information
Office: E62-677
Tel: (617) 253-6470
Support Staff
Name: Jackie Donnelly
Tel: (617) 324-1198
Name: Ariel Leitao
Tel: (617) 715-4178
Name: Nancy Leonelli
Tel: (617) 253-6130

General Expertise
Accounting-Domestic; Analyst forecasts; Asset Pricing; Financial Reporting; Financial Statement Analysis; Market Microstructure