Alberto Cavallo

Cecil and Ida Green Career Development Professor
Assistant Professor of Applied Economics

Biography | Selected Publications

"Inflation Expectations, Learning, and Supermarket Prices: Evidence from Field Experiments." Cavallo, Alberto F., Guillermo Cruces, and Ricardo Perez-Truglia (November 2014). NBER Working Paper 20576.

Currency Unions, Product Introductions, and the Real Exchange Rate. Cavallo, Alberto F., Brent Neiman, and Roberto Rigobon (2014). Quarterly Journal of Economics, 129(2).   (2014)

"Prices and Supply Disruptions during Natural Disasters" (with Eduardo Cavallo and Roberto Rigobon). Review of Income and Wealth - Volume 60 (2014)

“Online and Official Price Indexes: Measuring Argentina’s Inflation.” Cavallo, Alberto F. (2013). Journal of Monetary Economics, 60(1).  (2013)

"Sudden Stops: Determinants and Output Effects in the First Era of Globalization, 1880-1913." Bordo Michael D., Alberto F. Cavallo, and Christopher M. Meissner (March 2010). Journal of Development Economics, 91(2): 227-241. 

“Are Crises Good for Growth? The Role of Political Institutions.” Cavallo, Alberto F., and Eduardo A. Cavallo (2010). Journal of Macroeconomics, 32.  (2010)


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General Expertise
Applied economics; Big data; Central banks; Data analysis; Data analytics; Data management; Data mining; Deflation; Developing countries; Developing countries, economics; Economic crisis; Emerging markets; Exchange rates; Federal Reserve; Global economics; Inflation; International economics; Macroeconomics; Monetary economics; Monetary policy; Online shopping; Pricing; Pricing; Statistics