MIT Sloan Management Review (SMR) plays a central and influential role in leading the discourse about managing innovation and the forces that change how innovation is managed by engaging in collaborative inquiry with a respected community of scholars, executives, practicing professional managers, and innovation leaders to chart the future of innovation management practices as they adapt to rapid societal, economic and technological changes. SMR examines emerging critical insights about ways to create new products, services and business models, by exploring new competitive strategies, work processes, organizational models and leadership methods, enabling enterprises to create and manage innovation. It then disseminates the most compelling findings through its quarterly magazine, web site, e-newsletters, and mobile offerings.

The current Spring 2011 issue features the findings from the second annual Sustainability & Innovation Global Executive Survey, which shows that companies are stepping up their sustainability efforts, with a cohort of “embracers” aggressively pursuing sustainability as competitive advantage. The issues also includes articles on customer relationship management, corporate social responsibility, and the power of project networks.