Faculty Q & As

The MIT Sloan faculty is perpetually moving. On those rare occasions when they are not otherwise teaching, writing, conducting research, or meeting with students, they take time out to field questions about their latest research. Their answers are revealed here.

Dimitris Bertsimas
Q: What about your project on the Panama Canal?

Erik Brynjolfsson
Q: What exactly is happening out there in the future?

John Carroll
Q: I guess you could say that you're an expert in danger...

Stuart Madnick
Q: Why are aggregators such a big deal right now?

Thomas Malone
Q: What is the future of work?

Fiona Murray
Q: Your research positions you on the frontier of biotech...

Edward Roberts
Q: Where do you see the most new opportunity for MIT students?

Jeanne Ross
Q: How did the issue of enterprise architecture first come to your attention?

Duncan Simester
Q: What are more general ways in which the Internet has impacted customer expectations and behavior?

John Sterman
Q: What are the biggest challenges in getting consumers to transition to Alternative Fuel Vehicles?