• Alumni Perspectives

    AmyAmy Gowder, SF ’10
    Vice President & General Manager
    Lockheed Martin Commercial Engine Solutions

    “I strategized with the world’s top aeronautics scientists, explored pivotal technological innovations at the MIT Media Lab, learned from leading security experts in political scienceeven tapped the latest thinking on defense policy at Harvard’s JFK School of Government. If it was essential to me as a leader, I could reach across the MIT universe and get it.

    Immersion in the MIT Sloan Fellows environment is not just about rigorous academics. It’s about the accelerated learning you experience by being at MIT full time: the dozens of thought leaders who visit campus each week, the spontaneous brainstorming sessions over coffee, and the exploration and reflection you never have room for in your normal routine.

    Working so intensely with classmates from around the world day in and day out meant that, by year’s end, their experiences became my experiences. Today, my perspective encompasses a wide swath of countries, cultures, and industries. I could not have developed that expanded view any other way.”

    MirelaMirela Marku, SF ’07
    Senior Engineering Manager
    General Dynamics Information Technology

    “It’s an engineer’s dream to go to MIT, so when it was time to make the transition from engineering to management, I immediately thought: Sloan. I polled executives at GD and they immediately thought: the MIT Sloan Fellows Program. They said it was the perfect way to develop the perspective I needed to advance in the company, and they were right.

    I remember every lecture, every trip, every assignmentand every cultural lesson. I learned from the Japanese fellows the importance of listening. I learned from the Latin American fellows the importance of emotion. I learned from the American fellows the importance of confidence. And I continue learning from them.”

    David HessDavid P. Hess, SF ’90
    Former President
    Pratt & Whitney, a United Technologies Company

    “The MIT Sloan Fellows Program didn’t just change the way I think about business. It changed the way I think. If ever there were a brain trust for engineering and innovation, it’s MIT. As a fellow, I had access to that incredible depth of technical expertise and cutting-edge research. And the reward of focusing without distraction on ideas, learning, discovery, and growth was incalculable.

    When I returned to UTC, I found I had a new confidence born of spending a year measuring myself against some of the best minds in the world. I also found myself asking questions that wouldn’t have even occurred to me before the program. The MIT Sloan Fellows Program was a mind-expanding coming-of- age experience, and it prepared me to take the next big step in my career.”

    Francis YeohFrancis Yeoh, MOT ’93
    National Research Foundation, Singapore

    “During my time at MIT, I came to realize that I had a very ‘Singaporean perspective,’ and that if I were to discuss an issue with colleagues back in Singapore, they would share that perspective. My program peers from Brazil, Japan, and other cultures, however, would share very different ideas on the same issue. It was incredibly illuminating. Now, if I want an alternate perspective, I have a global network I can turn to for advice.”

    MIT looks at technology holistically. The value of integrating management strategy, marketing, technical issues, and other factors is an approach that has proven successful again and again worldwide. And it’s a perspective that has been extremely valuable to me as I help bring innovations to market in my work at the NRF.”

    Tana UtleyTana L. Utley, SF ’07
    President, Perkins Engines Company Ltd.
    Vice President, Industrial Power Systems and
    Growth Markets Division
    Caterpillar Inc.

    “The MIT Sloan Fellows Program is for people with ideas. It is designed for those who already have a visionthey just need the tools and the support systems to make it happen. At MIT, I felt a sense of coming homea powerful feeling of ‘these are my people.’ From the moment you set foot on campus, you are learning all the timelearning in the hallway, at cocktail parties, standing in line for coffee. It’s an exhilarating kind of osmosis.

    “Mid-career is when you need the MIT Sloan Fellows Program. Mid-career is when you know how to use it. Mid-career is when you know what to do with the boundless opportunity it offers.”

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