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    Read what some of the sponsoring organizations say about the MIT Sloan Fellows Program.

    Why did you decide to send your employee(s) to the MIT Sloan Fellows Program?

    “The MIT Sloan Fellows Program is one of the most efficient and effective programs for our middle managers to develop their leadership qualities in a global setting because the MIT Sloan Fellows Program provides intensive immersion into the cohort of diversified global leaders and top faculty.” NTT Corporation: Hidetoshi Seki, Human Resources

    “With a larger organization and the rapidly changing social/ political/ economic/ cultural environment, our managers are being given a lot of challenges. We believe the MIT Sloan Fellows Program is a significant process to take for finding the best solution. . . We consider that changing the way of thinking, strengthening of insights and building a business network will be a great help to solve the [challenges] that Daum is facing today.”
    Daum Communications: Hoyoung Yoon, Vice President, Human Resources

    “We basically train on-the-job to nurture talent but we also select a few proven members and send them to top MBA programs so that they gain a wider global perspective and think strategically. We specifically look for programs that cover not only strategy but that focus on Global, Innovation and Leadership. Out of other business schools, the MIT Sloan Fellows Program clearly stood out. MIT's motto "Mind and Hand" also fits perfectly with our company culture.” 
    Itochu Corporation: Horiuchi Masato, Manager, Planning & Administration

    “MIT has outstanding teachers and an innovative learning environment. In this program, our employees have chances to interact with superior specialists in various industries from different countries. It expands their international perspective and management mindset so they can [transfer it] to higher level leadership.”
    Fubon Life Insurance Co.: Vice President, Training & Development

    What are you looking for your employee to gain while in the MIT Sloan Fellows Program?

    “We expect our employee to acquire creative ways of thinking and a broader view of the world in terms of economic, industrial and cultural aspects, which would enable them to understand customers, find new opportunities, develop ventures and lead successful businesses in the rapidly changing global business environment.”
    NTT Corporation: Hidetoshi Seki, Human Resources

    “By sending our staff to this program we expect them to get additional knowledge in the field of management, of international projects, networking and teamwork skills in a multicultural environment, and practical case study of large multinational corporations’ functions – everything that will have practical use in their work when they return.”
    UTair Aviation: Lev Kashlyakov, Deputy Director General, Corporate Communications

    “We hope that our people gain expanded knowledge and management skills, confidence, and above all, a strong MIT Sloan Fellows network, all of which will contribute to the development of Mitsui’s global group operations.”
    Mitsui & Co., Ltd.: Nobuaki Kitamori, General Manager, Human Resources

    “(1) A global vision of cutting-edge knowledge from various fields as well as professional management skills and concepts;
    (2) Bonding with elites from the world;
    (3) Turning practical work experiences into professional knowledge which would [promote] positive change after coming back to the organization.”

    Cathay Life Insurance Company: Manager, Human Resources


    What impact on your company, did your employee make upon returning to your company after graduating from the MIT Sloan Fellows Program?

    “They have made a strong impact in contributing to the globalization of our business, and have helped us distinguish a clear HR advantage over our domestic competitors. They have taken the core knowledge that they have learned and the experiences in the class discussions and group projects in order to resolve complicated issues. We believe that the MIT Sloan Fellows Program is an outstanding program and we hope that our employees will have the opportunity to study there in order for us to develop true global leaders that can make a difference in this competitive world.”
    Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.: Hiroki Asakura, Senior Manager, Human Resources

    “The alumni of the MIT Sloan Fellows Program are bringing in innovative ideas and new cultures of leadership to Dentsu, and their passions for business are helping the company to achieve its strategic challenges, which are 1) to globalize its business network and strengthen its roots in local markets; 2) to swiftly respond to the advance of the Internet and digital technologies; and 3) to diversify the profit model from traditional commission-based media trading to other fee-based consulting services.”
    Dentsu Inc.: Nobuyoshi Ochi, Director, Human Resources

    “Mitsui has been sending its employees to the Sloan Fellows program since 1977. Most of those who graduated from the program brought back significant value to our company, and are now leading Mitsui’s key businesses. We feel that the Sloan Fellows not only gained skills and knowledge, but also increased confidence and courage with respect to ‘Challenge and Innovation’, which is one of our corporate philosophies.”
    Mitsui & Co., Ltd.: Nobuaki Kitamori, General Manager, Human Resources

    “First of all, people who return from this program definitely become better leaders who inspire their subsidiary and also strengthen the functions of their department. With better communication skills and a more open mindset, they also improve cross-departmental, even cross-organizational, communication. Most importantly, the program prepares these [employees] well as potential successors of future senior managers/executives for our organization, which is a crucial topic for sustainable development in the future.”
    Cathay Life Insurance Company: Manager, Human Resources

    What qualities have you observed in your employee since returning from the program?

    “They have displayed strong leadership and solid skills when working on challenging issues by being creative in resolving them. They are capable of seeing the bigger picture and are able to analyze an issue logically and resolve complicated issues.”
    Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.: Hiroki Asakura, Senior Manager, Human Resources

    “We find that they are more prepared than before to step up to management positions at a global level. They have developed their skills and mindset to magnify their impact as leaders and generate entrepreneurial momentum inside the organization. Their remarkable growth has also created a good impression on other employees.”
    Dentsu Inc.: Nobuyoshi Ochi, Director Human Resources Division

    “Trained executives have become more effective in management of major projects, have gained more confidence, more understanding of their partners in international negotiations, and expanded the general outlook. All these increase the overall efficiency of company management.”
    UTair Aviation: Lev Kashlyakov, Deputy Director General, Corporate Communications

    “Observing [our employees] upon their return, it is clear that the program is conducive to valuable self-reflection, and enables Fellows to draw from extremely meaningful experiences facilitated by the intensive, collaborative, and diverse learning environment.”
    Mitsui & Co., Ltd.: Nobuaki Kitamori, General Manager, Human Resources

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