• MIT Sloan Fellows Partners & Families
  • Grow together.

    Partners and families are very much integrated into the fabric of the Sloan Fellows year. They bring a balance to the experience, and not just for their husband or wife who is enrolled in the program. MIT Sloan Fellows partners and families enrich the year for all program participants. And many unattached fellows find they bond with the families of their peers, making the year away feel more like home.

    In fact, the MIT Sloan Fellows Program is the experience of a lifetime for many partners and children as they embark on a year as invigorating and eye-opening as their Sloan Fellow’s. They participate in many of the fellows’ activities but also have their own robust network with a busy roster of activities and a 24/7 support system. Partners and children alike form lifelong bonds enriched by diversity and strengthened by shared experience. Families often look back on their time in the program and say, “There was never a moment when we felt like strangers to one another in this community.”

    MIT Sloan Fellows and their partners rely on these essential resources during their year in the Cambridge/Boston area:

    • The Decision Process Why make the Sloan Fellows year a family experience.
    • What Partners Say Partners of Sloan Fellows from years past talk about their experiences.
    • Getting Settled Resources to help you and your family get settled in Cambridge–Boston.
    • Support Systems Groups dedicated to supporting partners and families of MIT students.
  • I miss our life at Sloan so much. It was a fairytale year that will last forever in our hearts. I wish I could transmit my memories and experiences to future generations of the program to inspire them to live their Sloan Fellows year as fully as possible. Maybe some MIT genius could invent the technology!Vongai Shoko
    wife of Kombo Shoko, SF ’10