• What is the program experience like? Fellows share their story.

  • The Diverse Cohort: Sangeeta

    Sangeeta, SF'15, talks about the positive impact of the MIT Sloan Fellows cohort.

    The MIT Sloan Fellows Family Experience: Ahmed‬‬‬

    Ahmed, SF'15, talks about his family's experience during their year in the MIT Sloan Fellows program.

    The MIT Ecosystem: David

    David, MIT Sloan Fellows Class of 2015, shares the significance of the MIT ecosystem.

    ‪MIT Sloan Fellows Program Impact: Ahmed‬‬‬

    Ahmed, SF'15, reflects on the impact the MIT Sloan Fellows Program has had on him.

    The Three Pillars of the MIT Sloan Fellows Program: Sangeeta

    Sangeeta, SF'15, explains the three pillars of the MIT Sloan Fellows Program: leadership, global perspective and innovation.