Advisory Board

The MIT Sloan Finance Group Advisory Board consists of leaders in the financial industry and academia who have agreed to meet regularly with the Sloan Finance Group to provide advice and guidance with respect to several initiatives, including the MBA Finance Track, the MFin program, the undergraduate program, executive education, and our ambitious research agenda. We are grateful to these individuals for their support and friendship:

  • Armen Avanessians
  • Robert Beckwitt
  • Gary Bergstrom
  • Vivek Bohra
  • Paul Brewer
  • Mariafrancesca Carli
  • Phil Cooper
  • Gifford Fong
  • Bennett Golub
  • Greg Hawkins
  • Bernie Horn
  • William Janeway
  • Dennis Kass
  • Mark Kritzman
  • Judy Lewent
  • Terence Lim
  • Robert Litterman
  • Saman Majd
  • Harry Mamaysky
  • John Mazzarino
  • Steve Memishian
  • David Modest
  • Laurence Nath
  • Eric Rosenfeld
  • Jackie Rosner
  • Sadeq Sayeed
  • Jeffrey Shames
  • Andre Stern
  • Donald Sussman
  • Tom Wilson
  • Matthew Zames
  • Tania Zouikin

While we offer a wide variety of courses, each one exemplifies our commitment to balancing innovative ideas and theories with real-world application.

Finance Group Advisory Board members visit this page for restricted access.