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MIT Sloan trek shows MBA students opportunities to work in policy — Valerio Riavez

Posted by MIT Sloan Finance Group on May 26, 2016

See the original article on the MIT Sloan Experts Page>> If you’re interested in policy work at an institution like the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, or the IMF, a PhD is required. At least that’s what MBA students have long thought. However, a recent MIT Sloan career trek to Washington, D.C. revealed that this is no longer the case. As these institutions don’t typically participate in on-campus recruiting, it can be challenging for business school students to learn about policy…
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A Mission-Driven Startup

Posted by MIT Sloan Finance Group on April 7, 2016

Former MIT Sloan Finance Track student, Isa Watson, MBA ’13, founded the mission-driven startup company, Envested in her hometown after a family tragedy. Envested is a social network giving platform for nonprofit organizations to use to create local fundraising challenges and be able to show donors the specific impact of dollars given. Read the full article on Fast Company here>>

This is your fund manager’s secret weapon to fight high-frequency traders

Posted by Haoxiang Zhu on March 3, 2016

See the original post on MarketWatch here>> Mutual-fund and other asset managers trying to get the best price on a stock purchase or sale face a formidable challenge from fast-moving high-frequency traders — but managers are not defenseless. To be sure, it’s difficult to execute large trades when HFTs deploy sophisticated pattern-recognition software in search of order-flow information that they can use to their advantage. When an asset manager unintentionally leaves footprints that tip its hand to these HFTs, the…
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