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How much do natural disasters really cost corporate America?

Posted by Jean-Noel Barrot on June 2, 2015

See the original article posted on Fortune here>> Sales growth of supplier firms directly hit by a natural disaster drops by around five percentage points, according to a study. As spring begins in New England after record-setting snowfall this winter, the economic consequences of natural disaster are a common topic of discussion. We know it will have a big impact on New England, but will it affect other parts of the country? If so, who will be affected and how…
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Why the Internet did not kill RadioShack

Posted by andreymalenko on April 16, 2015

See the original article posted on Fortune Insider here>> Although the electronics retailer is the latest victim in the rise of e-commerce, several other missteps led to its demise. We’ve seen the downfall of many bricks and mortar stores over the last decade, including Borders, Circuit City, and most recently, RadioShack — to name just a few. As e-commerce continues to rise, it’s seemingly becoming more difficult for traditional stores to stay in business. It’s true that online shopping has…
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MIT Sloan Investment Conference 2015: Investing in a Brave New World

Posted by MIT Sloan Finance Group on February 18, 2015

This Friday will see the annual MIT Sloan Investment Conference take place, after months of dedicated organization and careful planning. Part of the Sloan finance tradition, this student-run conference brings together influential individuals in the finance and investment world today to debate and discuss pressing issues in their areas of expertise. We have themed the conference “Investing in a Brave New World”. More than six years after the financial crisis, the investment world today has fundamentally changed from the one…
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