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Welcome to Finance Matters

Posted by MIT Sloan Finance Group on October 17, 2012

MIT is often referred to as home to the “pioneers of modern finance,” including luminaries such as Fischer Black, John Cox, Robert Merton, Franco Modigliani, Stewart Myers, Stephen Ross, Paul Samuelson and Myron Scholes. With traditions deeply rooted in finance, today the MIT Sloan Finance Group continues its commitment to training the next generation of finance professionals. Through new programs, growing course offerings, and a commitment to groundbreaking research and policy analysis, MIT remains a leader in financial thought and…
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For Master of Finance Grads, Five Traits For Career and Life

Posted by MIT Sloan Finance Group on June 9, 2017

Rigorous finance training offers five traits that are also useful in everyday life, said MIT Sloan professor Deborah Lucas. The best investors: See the world as it is, rather than as they want it to be. Understand that risk must be managed, and cannot be ignored. Learn from opposing points of view and a variety of perspectives. Look beyond conventional wisdom. Reverse their positions, if proven wrong. “Looking back, those are the lessons that make me feel so personally lucky…
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Finance at Sloan – A Note for Prospective Students

Posted by MIT Sloan Finance Group on April 18, 2017

Growing up in central China, I always held a deep passion for infrastructure projects. It was the transportation and telecommunication facilities that allowed me to see and to continuously explore the unknown world. This motivated me to study Civil Engineering during my undergraduate and graduate studies and to join a construction firm afterwards. With experience, I realized that even the best engineering knowledge was not enough to get projects done. Bridges and roads could not be built with an empty…
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We Put Financial Advisers to the Test–and They Failed

Posted by Antoinette Schoar on February 21, 2017

From The Wall Street Journal The world we live in asks us to make an abundance of financial decisions every day. These range from the inane, such as whether to risk a parking ticket when you stop for one minute to drop off your dry-cleaning; to the highly complex, such as which funds and investment products to pick for your retirement savings. All of these decisions require risk-return tradeoffs. Unfortunately, while people have many opportunities in life to perfect their…
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