Publications and Working Papers

Building Your Company’s Capabilities Through Global Expansion  (2013)

Dr. Donald Lessard 2013-03-29T15:19:23.32-04:00

Is Newer Better? Penn World Tables Revisions and Their Impact on Growth Estimates  (2013)

Dr. Simon Johnson 2014-03-10T14:11:13.05-04:00

Bubble Thy Neighbor: Direct and Spillover Effects of Capital Controls  (2012)

Dr. Kristin J. Forbes 2012-09-24T20:30:25.083-04:00

Debt- abd Equity-Led Capital Flow Episodes  (2012)

Dr. Kristin J. Forbes 2012-09-24T20:32:23.697-04:00

Hither Thou Shall Come But No Further: ‘Reply to The Colonial Origins of Comparative Development: An Empirical Investigation; Comment  (2012)

Dr. Simon Johnson 2014-03-10T14:11:47.423-04:00

The "Big C" : Identifying and Mitigating Contagion  (2012)

Dr. Kristin J. Forbes 2012-09-24T20:33:13.603-04:00

White House Burning: The Founding Fathers, Our National Debt and Why it Matters to You  (2012)

Dr. Simon Johnson 2012-05-10T11:26:38.253-04:00

Capital Flow Waves: Surges, Stops, Flight and Retrenchment  (2011)

Dr. Kristin J. Forbes 2012-09-24T20:28:34.077-04:00

The Consequences of Radical Reform: The French Revolution  (2011)

Dr. Simon Johnson 2014-03-10T14:12:40.527-04:00

13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover and The Next Financial Meltdown  (2010)

Dr. Simon Johnson 2011-09-01T10:22:30.37-04:00

Embracing risk as a core competence: The case of CEMEX  (2009)

Dr. Donald Lessard 2013-03-29T15:39:22.65-04:00

A Fire Sale without Fire: An Explanation of Labor-Intensive FDI in China  (2008)

Dr. Yasheng Huang 2011-05-21T06:33:01.08-04:00

Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics  (2008)

Dr. Yasheng Huang 2011-05-21T06:33:01.08-04:00

Does Ethnicity Pay? Evidence from Overseas Chinese FDI in China  (2008)

Dr. Yasheng Huang 2011-05-21T06:33:01.08-04:00

Financial Constraints and Growth: Multinational and Local Firm Responses to Currency Crises  (2008)

Dr. Kristin J. Forbes 2014-02-26T15:19:17.877-05:00

Is Entrepreneurship Missing in Shanghai?  (2008)

Dr. Yasheng Huang 2011-05-21T06:33:01.08-04:00

Just How Capitalist is China?  (2008)

Dr. Yasheng Huang 2011-05-21T06:33:01.08-04:00

Mexican Multinationals: Insights from CEMEX  (2008)

Dr. Donald Lessard 2011-05-21T06:33:01.08-04:00

Real Asset Valuation: A Back-to-basics Approach.  (2008)

Dr. Donald Lessard 2013-03-29T15:47:54.97-04:00

What is Wrong with Shanghai?  (2008)

Dr. Yasheng Huang 2011-05-21T06:33:01.08-04:00

Why Do Foreigners Invest in the United States?  (2008)

Dr. Kristin J. Forbes 2011-05-21T06:33:01.08-04:00

"The Microeconomic Evidence on Capital Controls: No Free Lunch" Capital Controls and Capital Flows in Emerging Economics: Policies, Practices, and Consequences  (2007)

Dr. Kristin J. Forbes 2014-02-27T15:42:23.65-05:00

"Capital Controls: Mud in the Wheels of Market Discipline" Market Discipline Across Countries and Industries  (2004)

Dr. Kristin J. Forbes 2014-02-27T15:44:26.097-05:00

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Dr. Donald Lessard 2011-05-21T06:33:01.08-04:00

"Are Trade Linkages Important Determinants of Country Vulnerability to Crises?" Preventing Currency Crises in Emerging Markets  (2002)

Dr. Kristin J. Forbes 2014-02-27T15:45:57.25-05:00

"How are Shocks Propagated Internationally? Firm-Level Evidence from the Asian and Russian Crises"  Financial Crises in Emerging Markets  (2001)

Dr. Kristin J. Forbes 2014-02-27T15:47:08.957-05:00

"Measuring Contagion: Conceptual and Empirical Issues" International Financial Contagion  (2001)

Dr. Kristin J. Forbes 2014-02-27T15:48:59.907-05:00

Strategic Management of Large Engineering Projects: Shaping Institutions, Risks, and Governance (MIT Press, 2001)

Dr. Donald Lessard 2011-05-21T06:33:01.08-04:00

How do Currency Crises Spread Internationally?  (2000)

Dr. Kristin J. Forbes 2014-02-27T16:24:01.913-05:00

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Dr. Donald Lessard 2011-05-21T06:33:01.08-04:00

Control of Indirect Financial Subsidies in Canada's Budget: Diagnosis and Recommendations  (1982)

Dr. Donald Lessard 2011-05-21T06:33:01.08-04:00

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Dr. Simon Johnson 2011-05-21T06:33:01.08-04:00

Currency Changes and Management Control: A Note on the Integration of the International Controller's and Treasurer's Functions  (1974)

Dr. Donald Lessard 2011-05-21T06:33:01.08-04:00