Publications and Working Papers

“Ownership and Energy Management in China’s Industrial Firms,” Karplus, V.J. World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, Istanbul, Turkey, June 28 - July 2, 2014

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"Emissions trading in China: Progress and prospects." ​Zhang, D., Karplus, V., Cassisa, C., & Zhang, X.Energy Policy, 75, 9-16.  (2014)

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"European Headwind: ECB Policy and Fed Normalization," Athanasios Orphanides  (2014)

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"Firm-Level Determinants of Energy and Carbon Intensity in China." ​Cao, J. and Karplus, V. Energy Policy, 75, 167-178.  (2014)

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"Markets vs. regulation: The efficiency and distributional impacts of U.S. climate policy proposals." ​Rausch, S. & Karplus, V. Energy Journal, 35(SI1), 199-227.  (2014)

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"Synergy between Pollution and Carbon Emissions Control: Comparing China and the U.S." ​Nam, K.-M., C.J. Waugh, S. Paltsev, J.M. Reilly and V.J. Karplus, Energy Economics, 46, 186-201.  (2014)

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"The energy and CO2 emissions impact of renewable energy development in China." Qi, T., X. Zhang, and Karplus, V. Energy Policy, 68: 60-69.  (2014)

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"Applying engineering and fleet detail to represent passenger vehicle transport in a computable general equilibrium model." Karplus, V.J., Paltsev, S., Babiker, M., & Reilly, J.M. Economic Modelling. 30, 295-305.  (2013)

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"Carbon co-benefits of tighter SO2 and NOX regulations in China." Nam, K.-M., Waugh, C., Paltsev, S., Reilly, J., & Karplus, V. Global Environmental Change, 23(6), 1648-1661.  (2013)

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"Quantifying regional economic impacts of CO2 intensity targets in China." ​Zhang, D., Rausch, S., Zhang, X., & Karplus, V. Energy Economics, 40, 687-701.  (2013)

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"Should a vehicle fuel economy standard be combined with an economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions constraint? Implications for energy and climate policy in the United States." Karplus, V.J., Paltsev, S., Babiker, M., & Reilly, J.M. Energy Economics. 36, 322-333.  (2013)

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"Proposed Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards in the United States for 2017 to 2025: Impacts on the Economy, Energy, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions." Karplus, V.J. and Paltsev, S. Transportation Research Record, 2287, 132-139. (Winner of the Pike Johnson Best Paper Award.)  (2012)

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"The role of China in mitigating climate change." Paltsev, S., Morris, J., Cai, Y., Karplus, V.J., & Jacoby, H. Energy Economics, 34(S3), S444-S450.  (2012)

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"Prospects for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in the United States and Japan: A general equilibrium analysis." Karplus, V.J., Paltsev, S., & Reilly, J. M. Transportation Research Part A. 44(8), 620-641.  (2010)

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"Modeling prospects for hydrogen powered transportation through 2100." Sandoval, R., Karplus, V., Paltsev, S., & eilly, J. M. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy. 43(3), 291-316.  (2009)

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