Information Technology Group

Information Technology

The MIT Sloan Information Technology Group conducts research on the economic, business, and organizational implications of the digital technologies that transform the way we live and work. For 20 years, leading arbiters like U.S. News and World Report have ranked the group first among business school IT programs. The group’s legendary strength is, in part, a function of being rooted at one of the world’s most respected business schools within one of the world’s most influential institutions of technology. 

What further distinguishes the group is its breadth. The IT Group faculty covers all the key disciplines comprising the study of IT from economics to organizational behavior to computer science. Each member of the faculty is a leader in his or her field and works closely with industry partners and with pioneering research centers like the MIT Center for Digital Business, the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, and the MIT Center for Information Systems Research

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Focus On: Are robots hurting job growth?

Focus On Are robots hurting job growth?

60 Minutes host Steve Croft sat down with Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee to discuss robotics and other technological advances that are revolutionizing the workplace but not necessarily creating jobs.

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