About Us

The digital economy is continually morphing the rules of the marketplace. Faculty and students in the MIT Sloan Information Technology Group are working closely with industry and key research centers across MIT to conduct rigorous observation, study, and analysis on this dynamic frontier. Their goal: shape the future of the digital economy so that it benefits all participants.

The highest ranked IT program in the nation, the IT Group has attracted some of the most gifted students in the field. The IT doctoral program, nearly a half-century old, is small and selective, typically admitting fewer than 5 percent of applicants. Graduates of the program have gone on to distinguished careers in academia at some of the most widely respected institutions of higher learning in the world.

Students and faculty in the IT Group work closely with MIT research centers and with programs and initiatives like Productivity from Information Technology (PROFIT), which is studying the use of IT in the public and private sectors in an effort to enhance productivity in areas like finance, transportation, manufacturing, and telecommunications.