Meet the woman behind Ikea's living wage calculator
August 7, 2014
Collective Workforce Efforts - Market Basket
July 23, 2014

One of the most remarkable examples of a collective workforce effort to challenge a change in CEO and in corporate strategy is playing out at the supermarket chain Market Basket.  I urge you all to follow the considerable media coverage this case is getting.  One easy and good source is

I added my own commentary on Cognoscenti, the editorial page of Boston’s NPR station.  Welcome your comments.

Toward a New Grand Bargain: Collaborative Approaches to Labor-Management Reform in Massachusetts
May 8, 2014
The Volkswagen way to better labor-management relations
January 21, 2014,0,2992853.story#axzz2qtiLMCi2

Volkswagen and the United Auto Workers are proposing to set up a works council in the company's Tennessee plant but are encountering opposition from the Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. Matthew Finkin and Thomas Kochan suggest experimentation with works councils has been long awaited and could test another new model of labor-management partnership in the U.S.  They also note that the Right to Work Foundation's argument that works councils are not legal under U.S. labor law is "dead wrong."


Long Term Unemployment
December 13, 2013

Long term unemployment is one of the biggest problems in the U.S. labor market.  About 35 percent of unemployed workers have been out of work six months or longer.  Ofer Sharone has recently completed a book comparing the experience of long term unemployed in the U.S. and Israel and discusses a new experiment he is launching to aid long term unemployed workers in the U.S. in finding jobs.  This exciting work is discussed in an interview with the Harvard Business Review.

Young Workers: You Need Unions and Unions Need You!
September 6, 2013
Marching (Again) for Jobs and Wages
August 27, 2013

The August 24th National Action to Realize the Dream illustrates the growing coalition ties between the labor movement, civil rights, and other progressive groups. It couldn’t come at a more needed time. We are likely to see more broad-based calls for action on workplace, civil rights, and employment issues. The question is, will they have as much an impact in the years ahead as they did in the 1960s?

Capitalism in Question
August 20, 2013

What form of Capitalism is best suited to serve the economy and all who depend on it today?  This issue is in hot debate in a growing number of quarters.  It is an issue we all need to both consider and weigh in with our own views—and then take actions to realize them.  Here is what a broad cross section of academics and practitioners who participated in the recent annual meetings of the Academy of Management had to say.  It was first published on Cognoscenti, the opinion page of Boston’s NPR station, WBUR.

How to make factory conditions better
May 6, 2013

April’s factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed more than 400 people, has renewed public debate over working conditions in the developing world: How can dangerous and debilitating factory work be improved? For more than a decade, MIT political scientist Richard Locke has studied that question.

Thomas Kochan: It's time to act on the jobs crisis
March 16, 2013

America is struggling with the worst jobs crisis since the Great Depression with no clear path toward restoring the jobs lost in the Great Recession and no strategy for overcoming three decades of stagnating wages. Failure to address these twin dimensions of the jobs crisis will doom our children and grandchildren to a declining standard of living.