Past IWER Research Seminars

See below for a list of recent seminars hosted by the Institute for Work and Employment Research.

Seminar Title / Other Information
Dec 10, 2013 Drusilla Brown (Tufts University)

Is there an Efficiency Case for International Labor Standards?

Dec 3, 2013 Debra Osnowitz (Clark University)

Contract Professionals in Precarious Times: An Implicit Critique of the Standard Job.

Nov 26, 2013 Marric Buessing (Boston University)

Impact of Contracting on Occupational Injuries and Fatalities in Underground Coal Mining.

Nov 19, 2013 Tamara Kay (Harvard University)

The State as Partner: Why and How International NGOs Bring the State Back In (and the Implications for Labor)

Nov 12, 2013 Jennifer Silva (Harvard Kennedy School)

Slight Expectations: Working-Class Youth and the Transition to Adulthood?

Nov 5, 2013 Christine Walley (MIT)

The Exit Zero Project: A Transmedia Exploration of Deindustrialization and Social Class in Chicago.

Oct 29, 2013 Michael Toffel, Jodi Short (Toffel - Harvard Business School; Short - UC Hastings College of Law)

What Shapes the Gatekeepers? Evidence from Global Supply Chain Auditors

Oct 22, 2013 Lawrence Mishel (Economic Policy Institute)

Assessing the Job Polarization Explanation of Growing Wage Inequality.

Oct 8, 2013 Cynthia Estlund (New York University Law School)

A New Deal for China’s Workers? Reform in the Wake of Labor Unrest, and What It Tells Us About China and Its Future.

Oct 1, 2013 Adam Cobb (University of Pennsylvania)

Whose interests are being served? Owners, Employees, and the Fraying Employment Relationship

Sep 24, 2013 Andrew Weaver (MIT)

Skills and Skill Gaps in Manufacturing: Evidence and Implications.

Sep 17, 2013 Aruna Ranganathan (MIT)

Choosing Meaning over Money? Evidence from a Field Audit Study with Handicraft Artisans in Southern India.

Sep 10, 2013 Welcome Back Round Table Session

Gathering of all IWER associates.