Organization Studies Group

Organization Studies

Organization studies is an interdisciplinary examination of the human side of organizations. Researchers in this field consider how people create organizational structures, processes, and practices and how the design of organizations influences individual, group, and societal behavior.

In the course of their research, faculty and students in MIT Sloan’s Organization Studies Group integrate theories and methods from business, sociology, psychology, political science, history, anthropology, and other disciplines. Rooted in real-world situations, their research focuses on how individuals can shape the organizations that affect their lives.

Focus On: Faculty Win NSF Virtual Organizations Grant

Focus On Faculty Win NSF Virtual Organizations Grant

Researchers studying the creation and distribution of knowledge represent a broad spectrum of disciplines, yet they are painfully unaware of one another’s frameworks and contributions. MIT Sloan professors Ray Reagans and Fiona Murray and their Wharton colleague Lori Rosenkopf have been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Virtual Organizations Project to bridge this divide. Over the next four years, they will organize seminal workshops and conferences that focus on the innovation and dissemination of knowledge.