Big chairs create big cheats
November 25, 2013

In a series of experiments, Andy Yap and his colleagues examined the impact that people’s ergonomic environments had on their ethics. 

Work Up a Sweat, and Bargain Better
November 12, 2013

Professor Jared Curhan and his colleagues found that a person who negotiates while moving — say, pacing while bargaining over job terms on the cellphone — can see improved results. 

How to truly welcome our new computer overlords
October 2, 2013

We've heard before that machines can implement human abilities, but MIT Sloan's Tom Malone examines the ways in which they can give us the most booster power.

Our two "E's" at MIT Sloan: Education and Entrepreneur
August 20, 2013

Lecturer Miro Kazakoff explains how the MIT entrepneurship ecosystem helped launch his test prep company, Testive.

Going outside of comfort zones to bridge silos
May 28, 2013

It’s important to develop a network that gives you a capacity for sharing knowledge in general. This means creating a smaller, more diverse network because it’s more beneficial to develop fewer ties with people in more areas than multiple ties with people in the same area.