About Us

System dynamics was developed here at MIT Sloan by Prof. Emeritus Jay W. Forrester, beginning in the 1950s.  Today system dynamics is taught around the world and used by corporations, nonprofits, schools, and governments in applications from organizational change to climate change, from physiology to fiscal policy.  Today the MIT System Dynamics Group is engaged in research and applications of system dynamics ranging from process improvement and organizational transformation, to sustainability, climate change policy, and global public health.  Members of the group develop formal simulation models to advance theoretical knowledge of complex systems and carry out empirical research to test these theories, including field studies, laboratory experiments, large scale statistical studies and action research.  Interactive management flight simulators created by group faculty are a critical component of MIT Sloan’s action learning pedagogy and are featured in LearningEdge, a collection of free case studies and teaching materials for management educators, corporations, and students.  We work with organizations to implement high leverage policies in domains including health care, industrial safety, process improvement, transportation policy, climate change, and public health.  The group plays an important role in MIT Sloan's Sustainability Initiative and Climate Interactive, as well as the ReThink Health Project and the Groundwork Initiative for Global Health at MIT Sloan.