Publications and Working Papers

Zuckerman, Ezra W., Review of Lyn Spilman, "Solidarity in Strategy: Making Business Meaningful in American Trade Associations,"American Journal of Sociology, forthcoming.  (2014)

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Zuckerman, Ezra W., Review of "The Emergence of Organizations and Markets," edited by John F. Padgett and Walter W. Powell. Contemporary Sociology, forthcoming  (2014)

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"The Status-Based Model of Market Competition: A Reconsideration Based on Recent Research," Zuckerman, Ezra W, Administrative Science Quarterly, forthcoming.  (2013)

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Zuckerman, Ezra W., Review of Peter S. Bearman, "Doormen,"Administrative Science Quarterly 53: 194-197  (2008)

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"All in the Family: Reply to Burt, Podolny, and van den Rijt, Ban, and Sarkar," Reagans, Ray E. and Ezra W. Zuckerman, Industrial and Corporate Change 17: 979-999  (2008)

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"Why Knowledge Does Not Equal Power: The Network Redundancy Tradeoff," Reagans, Ray E. and Ezra W. Zuckerman, Industrial and Corporate Change 17: 903-944  (2008)

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"Peer Capitalism: Parallel Relationships in the U.S. Economy," Zuckerman, Ezra W. and Stoyan V. Sgourev, American Journal of Sociology 111: 1327-1366  (2006)

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"The Critical Trade-Off: Identity Assignment and Box-Office Success in the Feature Film Industry," Zuckerman, Ezra W and Tai-Young Kim, Industrial and Corporate Change 12: 27-67  (2003)

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"Middle Status Conformity: Theoretical Restatement and Empirical Demonstration in Two Markets" Phillips, Damon J. and Ezra W. Zuckerman, American Journal of Sociology 107: 379-429  (2001)

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"Mediating the Corporate Product: Securities Analysts and the Scope of the Firm." Doctoral Dissertation in Sociology, University of Chicago. 1997

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"A Structural Theory of Vote Choice: Social and Political Networks and Electoral Flows in Britain and the United States," Zuckerman, Alan S., Nicholas A. Valentino, and Ezra W. Zuckerman, Journal of Politics 56: 1008-33  (1994)

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