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IDE events are by invitation only. They provide supporters of the Initiative with the opportunity
to hear directly from our leading researchers about their latest findings and the chance to connect with our faculty, staff, and students.

Sep. 10

2014 The Second Machine Age Conference (Co-hosted with the MIT Industrial Liaison Program)

Based on the conclusions of the best-selling book by MIT's Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, the Second Machine Age Conference will showcase research and technologies leading the transportation of industry and enterprise in the digital era. for more information, please visit
Oct. 10

The Conference on Digital Experimentation @ MIT

The ability to rapidly deploy micro-level randomized experiments at population scale is, in our view, one of the most significant innovations in modern social science. As more and more social interactions, behaviors, decisions, opinions and transactions are digitized and mediated by online platforms, we can quickly answer nuanced causal questions about the role of social behavior in population-level outcomes such as health, voting, political mobilization, consumer demand, information sharing, product rating and opinion aggregation. This conference is for an academic audience. 

For more information, please contact Susan Young at


September 2014