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Class gift campaign kicks off

Students in six programs unite to increase participation in the MIT Sloan Annual Fund.

Former Haitian prime minister details successes, resignation

"The country that we left behind was a much better place than the country that we found."

Strategy Rules: Q&A with Michael Cusumano

Gates, Grove, Jobs, and why Apple Watch should be open to Android phones.

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Expert Insights

Brittany Greenfield

Brittany Greenfield: Impressions of Seattle from an MBA trekker

What are the strategies, cultures, and goals that have propelled the city’s successful companies?

Hazhir Rahmandad

Hazhir Rahmandad: Obesity and the energy imbalance gap

New research examines trends to pinpoint at-risk populations.

Andrew McAfee

Andrew McAfee: Second machine age Q&A

The MIT Sloan research scientist talks digital progress and its impact on business and society.

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April 24

MIT Sustainability Summit

Conference focuses on problems and solutions in local and global agriculture.

May 6

Webinar: Exploring the Innovator's DNA

MIT Sloan's Hal Gregersen examines the five skills every innovator should have.

May 9

Focus on Finance Symposium

Attend MBA-level courses and meet with faculty and students to learn about attending MIT Sloan.


Innovation for sustainability

Sustainability initiative convenes businesses, entrepreneurs with environmental and social goals.

How to build a successful startup culture

HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan positioned his company to recruit millennials.

An entrepreneurial approach to teaching

Vinit Sukhija, MBA ’16, says innovative teachers improve results in the classroom.


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