MIT Sloan’s international activities reflect the school’s dual emphasis on learning by doing and innovation through collaboration. Activities range from formal partner programs with academic and research institutions in key regions around the world to conferences, project labs, and other ventures that facilitate cross-cultural exposure and idea sharing.


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The partner program between Vale Institute of Technology in Brazil (referred to by its Portuguese acronym, ITV) and MIT Sloan promotes joint research and academic activities focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development. The Vale mining company—the second-largest in the world—established ITV as a platform for research projects and training geared toward advanced mining practices that are good for business, society, and the environment. Collaborative activities between ITV and MIT Sloan include joint academic conferences, MIT Sloan faculty visits to Brazil to lead workshops and seminars at ITV, and research collaboration among ITV researchers and MIT faculty through the International Faculty Fellows program.


Lisbon MBA

The Lisbon MBA program unites two of Portugal’s top business schools—Católica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics, and Nova School of Business and Economics—with MIT Sloan for a one-year, one-of-a-kind MBA program. Lisbon MBA students benefit from the collective wisdom of all three schools and an integrated curriculum that emphasizes both management fundamentals and interpersonal skills. Key areas of engagement include a summer intensive for Lisbon MBA students at MIT Sloan, Friday Forum workshops led by MIT Sloan faculty in Lisbon, and teaching and research collaboration among faculty through the International Faculty Fellows program.