“Rather than produce a ‘cookie-cutter’ replica of MIT Sloan, the MIT-China Management Education Project encourages Chinese management faculty to develop MIT Sloan’s knowledge base responsively to local context and opportunity.”

Susan Hockfield
Former MIT President (2004-2012)


Relationship-building on a global scale

Global engagement is part of MIT Sloan’s DNA. Over the course of eight decades, the School has established deep connections with universities and other organizations in more than a dozen countries. Current activities include:

  • Partner programs with academic and research institutions in China, Turkey, Brazil, Portugal, and India
  • On-campus programs that bring international faculty and students to MIT Sloan
  • Collaborations with various organizations outside the United States

In 2013, the School opened the MIT Sloan Latin America Office.  Based in Santiago, Chile, this first international office provides a platform for its expanding collaboration throughout the Latin American region. 

"MIT Sloan has a needs-blind admissions policy so our goal is to accept the best students in Latin America and around the world without consideration of his or her economic situation. Once a student is admitted then it is our goal to craft a financial package which will meet each students needs through guaranteed loans, private loans, scholarships and opportunities to be teaching or research assistants for MIT professors."

- David Capodilupo, Executive Director, MIT Sloan Office of International Programs