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The MIT Sloan School of Management is one of the world's leading business schools — conducting cutting-edge research and providing management education to top students from more than 60 countries. The School is part of MIT's rich intellectual tradition of education and research.


MIT Sloan creates value with purpose through management education that develops better leaders to responsibly manage the world’s need for innovation, knowledge creation that drives innovation through unprecedented transformations in business and society, and real-world engagement that turns innovative ideas into practical solutions to the world’s problems.

What makes the MIT Sloan community so dynamic is the absence of boundaries. Invention here is cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary, inter-generational and a result of one key common denominator: excellence. Members of this community believe strongly that there's no point in striving for anything else.

MIT Sloan is one of the most globally oriented management schools in the world. Students from dozens of countries collaborate in productive cross-cultural teams and have unparalleled opportunities to work on real problems affecting real organizations and to devise solutions that will have a significant impact on global business. When they graduate from MIT Sloan, they are knowledgeable about the workings of the wider world and well equipped to function successfully in today's international marketplace.

As part of MIT Sloan’s this international commitment, in 2013 it opened the MIT Sloan Latin America Office in Santiago, Chile as a way of increasing the Institute’s presence in the region through opportunities for creating knowledge and fostering faculty and student engagement on important strategic issues for Latin America.


MIT Sloan’s international activities reflect the school’s dual emphasis on learning by doing and innovation through collaboration. Activities range from formal partner programs with academic and research institutions in key regions around the world to conferences, project labs, and other ventures that facilitate cross-cultural exposure and idea sharing. 

The Office of International Programs (OIP) initiates, coordinates, and supports MIT Sloan’s international learning partnerships and collaborations, including the Chile Office. It also serves as a connection point for members of the MIT Sloan community who are looking for global.


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