“By training tomorrow’s leaders to manage the risks of the financial system effectively and ethically, we’ll have a fighting chance of surviving even the largest crises.”

Andrew W. Lo
Charles E. and Susan T. Harris Professor of Finance

Burçin Bozkaya, IFF Spring ‘13

Burçin Bozkaya, IFF Spring ‘13
Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Operations Management
Sabanci University School of Management
Istanbul, Turkey

Faculty Mentor
Stephen C. Graves, Abraham Siegel Professor of Management

As soon as I joined the IFF program in February 2013, I began attending seminars and classes with the Operations Management Research Group. I also attended courses and workshops on “Case-Based Teaching,” “Discrete Choice Modeling,” and ”Supply Chain Modeling.” And I began working on a paper with my faculty mentor, Professor Graves, and an international colleague. I began a research project on financial data mining, and connected with the Human Dynamics Group at the Media Lab. My experience here at MIT Sloan truly fits the analogy of “learning by firehose.”

My most unexpected experience is how I have been warmly welcomed not only at MIT Sloan but also at the Media Lab by Professor Alex Pentland. Our personal and research relationships continue to this date.

Professor Graves has helped me enormously with my research. He pointed me to the departments and people across MIT who fit with my areas of interest. He invited me to join his research group of SM and PhD students and colleagues and to attend Operations Management seminars, which exposed me to the most relevant research topics and ideas in the field. I presented two seminars within the group, which gave me the chance for peer feedback. Professor Graves also reviewed one of my papers and offered his feedback. This paper was later published in The European Journal of Operational Research.  Most importantly, Professor Graves, a colleague from Saudi Arabia, and I worked on a paper together that has been accepted for publication in the journal Desalination.

My professional goals include contributing to the international body of knowledge and science in Operations Management and being an excellent teacher. My time here at MIT Sloan as an IFF has contributed greatly to this goal. I was exposed to ideas that suggest an entirely new set of research possibilities.





"I'm really appreciative of the opportunities and learnings offered by the international program, which I firmly believe will produce longer term impact for our partnership with MIT Sloan and is truly benefiting our future teaching and research work back in China."

- Xie Xiaoyan, IFF Fudan University, Fall '13