“I actively work to get students to find teammates who think differently than they do. You can’t be successful in management if you only have a single point of view or a particular set of skills.”

Wanda J. Orlikowski
Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Management

Fudan University

The International MBA (IMBA) program at Fudan University School of Management in Shanghai is the proud result of a longstanding, collaborative relationship with MIT Sloan. One of the first and leading programs of its kind in China, Fudan’s IMBA program equips students with the management skills and experience needed to excel in a global Chinese corporation or international company doing business in China. In turn, MIT Sloan students, faculty, and administrators gain valuable insight into China and Chinese-based economies.

The Fudan IMBA program is accredited by AACSB and taught entirely in English. Graduates receive an International MBA degree from Fudan University and a certificate from MIT Sloan. Each graduate also becomes an affiliate alumnus of MIT Sloan, gaining access to MIT Sloan’s extensive alumni community and networking events around the world.

The following learning opportunities characterize the MIT Sloan-Fudan collaboration:

  • International Faculty Fellows – Faculty members from Fudan University visit MIT Sloan for a semester focused on teaching and research development under the guidance of an MIT Sloan faculty host.
  • China Lab – Several four-person teams of Fudan and MIT Sloan students participate annually in China Lab, which involves a three-month internship and consulting project for a Chinese entrepreneurial company.
  • MIT Sloan faculty visits to Fudan – MIT faculty contribute to learning at Fudan by giving lectures, conducting faculty workshops, and co-teaching courses with IMBA faculty.
  • Fudan administrative development – MIT Sloan senior administrators responsible for admissions and marketing activities, student services, and career development functions share their practices and experience with their Fudan counterparts.
  • MSMS program – During the first semester, Fudan students have the opportunity to apply to MIT Sloan’s MSMS program. Through this two-year, dual-degree program, students can earn an IMBA from Fudan and a master’s degree in management studies from MIT Sloan.

For more information and to apply, visit Fudan University’s IMBA program website >

“Chinese culture has many rules and behavior. The culture here is more relaxed. Students have more freedom. Freedom encourages more creation. Professors put out questions with no answers, ask students to think. It’s good to make students think, learn from each other. I will teach students with more freedom.”

- Xu Shuyi, IFF Lingnan Spring ‘10