“We’ve always made a big effort to be interdisciplinary and to be open to a variety of perspectives, but also to go beyond being open to them, to want to bring them in, because it makes for a richer environment.”

Thomas Kochan
George Maverick Bunker Professor of Management

Tsinghua University

The School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University in Beijing was one of the first Chinese schools to establish an international MBA program, introducing western management principles to the Chinese higher education system and catalyzing the development of MBA education throughout China. Created in close collaboration with MIT Sloan, the Tsinghua International MBA (IMBA) program enables Chinese students, faculty, and administrators to benefit from MIT Sloan’s singular approach to management education and research. In turn, MIT Sloan students, faculty, and administrators gain insight into China and Chinese-based economies.

The program is AACSB-accredited and taught entirely in English. Graduates earn an International MBA from Tsinghua, a certificate from MIT Sloan, and the skill set required to thrive in today’s competitive, global business environment. Graduates also become affiliate alumni of MIT Sloan and gain access to the invaluable networking opportunities that stem from MIT Sloan’s worldwide alumni network.

Main areas of collaboration between Tsinghua and MIT Sloan include:

  • International Faculty Fellows – Tsinghua faculty members visit MIT Sloan for a semester of teaching and research development under the guidance of an MIT Sloan faculty host.
  • China Lab – Several four-person teams of Tsinghua and MIT Sloan students participate annually in China Lab, which involves a three-month internship and consulting project for a Chinese entrepreneurial company.
  • MIT Sloan faculty visits to Tsinghua – MIT faculty contribute to learning at Tsinghua by giving lectures, conducting faculty workshops, and co-teaching courses with IMBA faculty.
  • Tsinghua administrative development – MIT Sloan senior administrators responsible for admissions and marketing activities, student services, and career development functions share their practices and experience with their Tsinghua counterparts.
  • China Center for Financial Research (CCFR) – A collaboration between MIT Sloan and Tsinghua University, the CCFR supports and promotes research on China’s financial system, sponsors annual conferences, and offers advanced training programs and workshops for Chinese faculty.
  • Master of Science in Management Studies (MSMS) program During the first semester, Tsinghua students have the opportunity to apply to MIT Sloan’s MSMS program. Through this two-year, dual-degree program, students can earn an international MBA from Tsinghua and a master’s degree in management studies from MIT Sloan.

For more information and to apply, visit Tsinghua University’s IMBA program website >

"MIT Sloan has a needs-blind admissions policy so our goal is to accept the best students in Latin America and around the world without consideration of his or her economic situation. Once a student is admitted then it is our goal to craft a financial package which will meet each students needs through guaranteed loans, private loans, scholarships and opportunities to be teaching or research assistants for MIT professors."

- David Capodilupo, Executive Director, MIT Sloan Office of International Programs