Sloan Innovation Period


The Management Practice Hack-a-Thon is the second Action Learning component of the EM Track, and is the capstone project, completed by participants in the fall of their second year.

The Management Practice Hack-a-Thon is a new, innovative competition that enables students to integrate the lessons they’ve learned in the classroom with their business experience to help companies solve their most pressing interdisciplinary challenges.

Collaborating with EM Track students on cross-functional problems, host companies gain access to talented system thinkers and contribute to the community by providing critical experiences necessary for developing seasoned professionals. Participating students benefit from real-world experience in a tightly scoped, fast-paced, and exciting four-day competition environment.

The Management Practice Hack-a-Thon pits three to four student teams against each other as they compete to solve a marketing, operations, or strategy problem. They then present their recommendations to a panel of judges. The goal of the competition—and of the EM Track as a whole—is to encourage students to stretch their thinking beyond functional silos to design the best solution to the problem at hand.

Companies interested in working with MIT Sloan students as part of the Management Practice Hack-a-Thon should consider the following:
• Projects should be reasonable in scope, able to be addressed in three days by three to four students
• Relevant company representatives should be available for conference calls with students
• Companies should submit one-page project descriptions by the end of August

To learn more about participating in the Management Practice Hack-a-Thon, companies should contact Dr. Sharmila C. Chatterjee, Academic Head, Enterprise Management (EM) Track at