Cultural, Regional, Religious, and Personal Affiliation Clubs

Cultural, Regional, Religious, and Personal Affiliation Clubs at MIT Sloan MBA

The sheer diversity of students at MIT translates to an abundance of choices when it comes to cultural club options at MIT Sloan. Whether students come from a similar regional background or simply share a passion for a particular part of the world, numerous groups supply exciting opportunities to immerse yourself in the social, business, economic, and political aspects of a number of geographic regions worldwide. In addition, clubs have formed at MIT Sloan to meet the needs of minorities, significant others, the LGBT communities, veterans, and those of various religious affiliations. Following are descriptions of just a few of the cultural and personal affiliation clubs found at MIT Sloan:

Africa Business Club

The MIT Sloan Africa Business Club (ABC) strives to build awareness of Africa’s future promise, while increasing investment in Africa’s consumer, agricultural, natural resource, and infrastructure sectors. The ABC also works to spread information about MIT locally in Africa, and to act as a resource for prospective graduate business students who may be interested in attending MIT Sloan. Through their objectives and activities, the ABC serves as a catalyst in uniting MIT Sloan alumni who are in Africa, or who are of African descent. In 2011, the Club organized the inaugural MIT Sloan Africa Conference with the theme “Africa 2.0: Achieving Growth through Innovation.” The conference attracted nearly 300 attendees and brought together a mix of speakers and panel sessions, covering areas of innovation in Africa such as Technology, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Media & Entertainment, Energy, and Mobile/Telecoms. The conference also featured the Africa Innovate Business Plan Competition, aimed at spotlighting and rewarding innovative business ideas with the potential to change the face of the continent. The ABC also sponsors treks to Africa, runs a bimonthly speaker series, and hosts C-Functions, which are hugely popular events organized to promote cultural sharing, often through dance, food, and fun.

Brazilian Club

The Brazilian Club at MIT Sloan has the mission of fostering the relationship between MIT Sloan and the Brazilian business and academic communities. Club members enjoy innumerous social events, including happy hours, cultural events and movie sessions. The Club also focuses on professional events and helps students forge relationships with Brazilian alumni and recruiters through speaker series and networking events such as the MBA Brazil Networking Event, co-hosted with Columbia, Kellogg, MIT Sloan, NYU Stern and Wharton in New York.”

Japan Club

Japan Club's mission is "To enrich the MIT Sloan Community with Japanese culture and perspectives."To achieve this mission, first of all, we Introduce and promote Japanese culture with well-organized events, such as C-Function and Japan Trek. This year, we brought 124 Sloanies to Japan as Japan Trek. Secondly, we inspire the most prominent prospective Japanese students to come Sloan. Last but not least, we coordinate activities within and outside MIT to enhance experiences of Japan Club members and SOs.

MIT Sloan Latin Business Club

The MIT Sloan Latin Business Club has members from Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, and the United States. The Club sponsors the annual Latin American Conference, the oldest conference of its kind among U.S. universities. Past conferences have attracted influential Latin American business leaders, government figures, and academics. Attendees address and debate the unique opportunities and challenges Latin American countries face to develop clean, diversified sources of energy; leverage natural resources sustainably; and initiate development and integration to shape the future of the region. The Club also helps students forge relationships with Latin American alumni, recruiters, and organizations through its speaker series, recruiting events, and its many networking and social gatherings, such as the Latin Mixer co-hosted with Harvard Business School and Wharton.

Significant Others of Sloan

The Significant Others of Sloan (SOS) Club is an organization dedicated to providing events and activities for all significant others (SOs) and family members of MIT Sloan students. Club members enjoy numerous networking events ­— such as jazz nights, wine tastings, museum tours, art shows, weekend trips, athletic events, happy hours, and cuisine nights — designed to forge connections with other MIT Sloan SOs, the broader MIT community, and others in the Greater Boston area. The Club holds both daytime and nighttime activities, and strives to offer something to meet everyone’s busy schedules. Club members also help each other connect to a wide array of professional, academic, travel, and volunteer opportunities. Links found on the Club’s website cover everything from information about moving to Boston to options for health insurance, housing, transportation, education, and leisure-time activities. The SOS Club also spawns special-interest subgroups, such as children’s gatherings, book clubs, and groups with interests in everything from dogs to movies to weekend outings. 

Sloan Moms' and Dads' Club

Moms' and Dads' Club has more than 100 members. We aim to make MIT Sloan a better place for students with families. We planned many family friendly events, such as apple picking, pumpkin carving, and family brunch.

Sloan Women in Management

Sloan Women in Management (SWIM) works to build a vibrant community that supports and celebrates women as they progress toward their career and personal goals. Our second annual Sloan Women in Management Conference featured several impressive and accomplished women including Marissa Mayer, Laura Sen, and Jennifer Siebel Newsom. During the fall semester, SWIM hosts an 80s prom C-Function, which sets the tone for the school year, and gives the entire student body a chance to let loose. Each May we recognize the achievement of women at MIT Sloan at the Celebration Brunch. In addition to these flagship events, SWIM also supports a range of programming for our members including a mentorship program, recruiting events, networking events and workshops, community service opportunities, and events for admitted students. Download the Women of MIT Sloan Brochure for more information.

South East Asian Society

South East Asia Club (SEA Club) aims to promote the awareness of SEA countries through activities and networking events. We are not only consisted of students from SEA but also opened to all students who are interested in the region. We offer opportunities for Sloanies to connect with companies in SEA, broadening their future business perspective. We also promote cultural sharing through SEA C-Function, cooking classes and a trek, which are ultimately enhancing Sloanies' experiences.

Veterans Association

The MIT Sloan Veterans Association is a community of ladies and gentlemen who were privileged to serve in the armed forces of any nation. The group's focus is threefold:
- Help prospective service members and veterans transition into business school
- Serve as the veteran hub for esprit de corps, career development, and networking
- Establish and maintain contact with the extensive MIT Sloan military alumni network throughout the world
The club hosts and coordinates numerous recruiting events, social outings, and networking gatherings with top  firms and business schools. Download the Veterans Brochure for more information. 

G-LAB, RAS RESORT, INDIA Marketing in Mumbai
"The project was really interesting because the scope changed a lot. We started focusing in one goal, then we changed to another, then we changed to another, all before we even left Cambridge."
Gerardo Guzman
G-LAB: AIDS IN TANZANIA Striving for economic empowerment

“Because of the diversity of our backgrounds, when we hit the ground in Tanzania it almost was a natural play where different people assume different roles.”

Krishna Venugopalan
G-LAB: NAM MEE BOOKS, THAILAND Helping a book publisher mature

“It was really rewarding that they wanted to know what we thought. We left there being fairly certain that they will do some of the things that we suggested.”

Lia Cavalcante
G-LAB, KUALA LUMPUR Assessing the future of the Smart Card
"You have to manage what you can deliver for the company and what the company is expecting. The bottom line is that the CEOs of those companies want results. Even though we have to work five months in a row with the project, we have to deliver. This experience is more pragmatic than academic. It's a good opportunity to match those two worlds."
Camilo Syllos
S-LAB: JAKARTA WATERSHED Combating a clean water crisis

“You could talk about watershed management and conservation of energy all you want. But until you put numbers to it and financial analysis to it, you’re not going to get much done. I came to business school to speak that language, speak with people in terms of numbers, financial numbers so that I can get projects done.”

Ian Lavery
G-LAB: MERCY CORPS, INDONESIA Using business principles to address malnutrition

“The conditions in the neighborhoods we were visiting were different than what we realized before getting there. Beyond that, what was surprising was that there weren’t surprises!”

Libby Putman
SLOAN FELLOW Getting serious about going global
"This year we were so fortunate to have 26 nationalities. So it was amazing exposure. I feel much more well rounded as a global business maker than I was before."
Abner Oliviera
INDIA LAB: BANGALORE Working toward market expansion

“These companies are really excited to work with MIT students.They reach out to the community to set up these projects and are great to work with. They give us access to all their resources and are very open to us.”

Katie Baron
G-LAB: WARMBATHS HOSPITAL, SOUTH AFRICA Improving staffing at a maternity ward

“The assistant to the CEO was like our host mom while we were there. She arranged our housing for us, she took us out to her friend’s game farm, and we got driven around in 4x4s. She was just wonderful to meet, and we developed a personal as well as professional relationship with her.”

Kelsey McCarty
INSTITUTE FOR WORK AND EMPLOYMENT RESEARCH Adapting to the changing nature of work

“We’re very interdisciplinary. Among the faculty in the group are an economist, a political scientist, a sociologist, and an industrial relations specialist. We’ve always made a big effort to be open to a variety of perspectives, but also to go beyond being open to them, to want to bring them in, because it makes for a richer environment.”

Thomas Kochan
Co-director, IWER
$100K WINNERS: C-CRETE TECHNOLOGIES Reducing the environmental impact of concrete

“One of the reasons I came to Sloan was because I wanted to be at a top MBA institution worldwide. But I also wanted access to working with the latest innovations and the highest technology that was coming out of the MIT labs.”

Natanel Barookhian
LEADERS FOR GLOBAL OPERATIONS Connecting management and technology
“[LGO students] get the advantage of a small cohort. But they’re also part of the larger community. They’re part of MIT, of MIT Sloan, of the MBA program. They’re part of the core program that meets every fall, they’re part of the engineering committee; they get the benefits of both the larger community and the small cohort.”
Don Rosenfield
senior lecturer and director of the Leaders for Global Operations
G-LAB: INTERGRUPO, COLOMBIA Growing a business by cultivating relationships

"After we gave our recommendations, the great part was that the very next day the CEO was in the boardroom implementing them with his top vice presidents."

Ramy Hakim
MIT LEADERSHIP CENTER Changing views of leadership

“Our mission, along with the mission of MIT Sloan, is to both develop leaders who make a difference in the world, and also to make a contribution to thinking about the topic of leadership.”

Deborah Ancona
Faculty Director, MIT Leadership Center
INDIA LAB: EDUCATIONAL ENHANCEMENT Creating employable workers to boost the economy

“I knew about American business, but not enough about what’s really become a global economy. … You can read about it all you want, but there’s no substitute for being there and seeing the context and seeing how completely different these [other countries] are.”

Ted Chan
CENTER FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESEARCH Bringing people and machines together

 “For 35 years, we’ve been studying how companies get value from information. … We try to help organizations take a more holistic view of what they are trying to do.”

Jeanne W. Ross
Director and Principal Research Scientist, CISR
SLOAN FELLOW Merging disciplines for climate change
"I needed to get a better understanding of the interaction of management and technology. And I think MIT is an obvious place for that. There’s probably no better place in the world [for learning] how technology and management interact."
Pascal Marmier
SWITZER FELLOWSHIP WINNER JASON JAY Focusing on environmental research and leadership

 “I love being in a place that is such a nexus of people and ideas — people coming to learn something new and to define themselves. Being a part of that process is a real honor and a real gift.”

Jason Jay
Lecturer, Sustainability, MIT Sloan
RETAIL AND CONSUMER GOODS Luxury beauty and the multicultural consumer
"The goal of the Retail and Consumer Goods Club is to provide networking opportunities for students at MIT Sloan, and to educate students about different functions within the retail and CPG space. We bring in executive-level speakers to educate our community on this topic."
Nga Phan
MBA, co-president of Retail and Consumer Goods Club
G-LAB: PRIVATE HEALTH CARE IN AFRICA Defining growth at a for-profit clinic

“At MIT Sloan you have a lot of opportunities to explore entrepreneurship. Especially in a place like Kampala where you have a lot of development, entrepreneurship can be very exciting.”

Anne Reilly
COURAGE AND STRENGTH Supporting a student with breast cancer
"The Sloan community really rallied around me in a way that I totally didn’t anticipate. … It was just really nice to be a part of a community that I was totally comfortable in and felt completely supported by."
Kyle Maner

“LGO students get the advantage of a small cohort that they take many courses with. But they’re also part of the larger community. They’re part of MIT, of MIT Sloan, of the MBA program.”

- Donald Rosenfield
Senior Lecturer