• Meet Our Students

    What is it like to be an MBA student here? Our students are unique, representing a diverse range of backgrounds. They experience MIT Sloan in their own way yet create a cohesive community. These profiles provide a snapshot of life at MIT Sloan.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to these students. When available, their names are linked to their email address. For admissions-related questions, please email mbaadmissions.mitsloan@mit.edu.

  • Rodrigo Errea, MBA '18

    Rodrigo Errea, MBA '18

    Citizenship: Peru
    Recent Location: Lima, Peru
    Undergrad University: Universidad de Lima
    Degree and Major: B.Eng in Industrial Engineering
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  • Francisca Maier_ MBA 2018

    Francisca Maier, MBA '18

    Citizenship: Germany
    Recent Location: Berlin, Germany
    Undergrad University: Emerson College
    Degree and Major: B.S. in Marketing
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  • Lior Glanzer, MBA ‘18

    Lior Glanzer, MBA ‘18

    Citizenship: Israel
    Recent Location: Israel / Nigeria
    Undergrad University: Bar-Ilan University, Israel
    Degree and Major: BA in Economics 2007
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  • Anna Thomas, MBA ‘17

    Anna Thomas, MBA ‘17

    Citizenship: USA
    Recent Location: San Francisco, CA
    Undergrad University: Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service
    Degree and Major: BSFS, International Security Studies and Arabic
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  • Amaka Nneji, MBA ‘18

    Amaka Nneji, MBA ‘18

    Citizenship: United States and Nigeria
    Recent Location: New York City
    Undergrad University: Dartmouth College 
    Degree and Major: B.A. African & African-American Studies; Minor: German Studies
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  • Jayesh Kannan_MBA '18

    Jayesh Kannan, MBA '18

    Citizenship: India
    Recent Location: New York City, Singapore
    Undergraduate University: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    Degree and Major: Major in Computer Engineering, Minor in Business and Finance
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  • Courtney Brown, MBA '17

    Courtney Brown, MBA '17

    Citizenship: United States
    Recent Location: Chicago, IL
    Undergraduate University: University of Michigan
    Degree and Major: Industrial and Operations Engineering

  • Joshua Chen, MBA '17


    Citizenship: United States
    Recent Location: Washington, DC
    Undergraduate University: Carnegie Mellon University
    Degree and Major: B.S. Business/Finance
  • Katherine Curiel, MBA ‘18

    Katherine Curiel, MBA ‘18

    Citizenship: U.S.
    Recent Location: Milwaukee, WI
    Undergrad University: Marquette University
    Degree and Major: Dual B.S. in Finance, International Business
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  • Sebastian Cubela, MBA '17


    Citizenship: Argentina
    Recent Location: Sydney, Australia
    Undergraduate University: Universidad del CEMA
    Degree and Major: BA in Economics – 2011
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  • Benjamin Schwartz, MBA_HKS ‘17

    Benjamin Schwartz, MBA/HKS ‘17

    Citizenship: USA
    Recent Location: Tema, Ghana
    Undergraduate University: Dartmouth College
    Degree and Major: Government (International Relations) and Education Policy minor
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  • Carolyn Li, MBA '18

    Carolyn Li, MBA '18

    Citizenship: China
    Recent Location: New York, NY
    Undergrad University: Cornell University 
    Degree and Major: Operations Research and Engineering
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  • Ameer Jumabhoy, MBA '17


    Citizenship: Singapore
    Recent Location: Singapore (but I travelled a lot for work!)
    Undergraduate University: Rice University
    Degree and Major: Political Science
    Contact Ameer

  • Yuki Koyama, MBA ‘18

    Yuki Koyama, MBA ‘18

    Citizenship: Japan
    Recent Location: Tokyo
    Undergrad University: Keio University
    Degree and Major: Doctor of Medicine
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  • Estefanía de Sosa Cadete_MBA '18

    Estefanía de Sosa Cadete, MBA '18

    Citizenship: Argentina
    Recent Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Undergraduate University: Universidad de Buenos Aires
    Degree and Major: Accountant, MBA (from an Argentinian University), and Postgraduate degree in Marketing and Competitive Strategy.
    Contact Estefania

  • Nikolaos Legmpelos, MBA '17


    Citizenship: Greece
    Recent Location: Boston
    Undergraduate University: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
    Degree and Major: Diploma in Civil Engineering / MEng in Structural Engineering
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  • Irene Hernandez, MBA ‘18

    Irene Hernandez, MBA ‘18

    Citizenship: Spanish
    Recent Location: United States
    Undergrad University: Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
    Degree and Major: MSc. Telecommunications Engineering
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  • Caleb John Li, MBA '17

    Caleb John Li, MBA '17

    Citizenship: United States
    Recent Location: New York, NY
    Undergraduate University: UPenn, CAS & Wharton
    Degree and Major: BA in Math & BS in Economics / Finance
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  • Ginika Agbim O'Kelly, MBA '17

    Ginika Agbim O'Kelly, MBA '17

    Citizenship: United States and Nigeria
    Recent Location: Washington, D.C.
    Undergraduate University: Washington University in St. Louis
    Degree and Major: Economics & Strategy Major, Anthropology and Finance Minors
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  • Bill Hong Zhang, MBA '17

    Bill Hong Zhang, MBA '17

    Citizenship: China
    Recent Location: Shanghai, China
    Undergraduate University: Fudan University
    Degree and Major: MS, Computational Biology, from New York University
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