• Meet Our Students

    What is it like to be an MBA student here? Our students are unique, representing a diverse range of backgrounds. They experience MIT Sloan in their own way yet create a cohesive community. These profiles provide a snapshot of life at MIT Sloan.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to these students. When available, their names are linked to their email address. For admissions-related questions, please email mbaadmissions.mitsloan@mit.edu.

  • Anshul_Bhide_MBA '20

    Anshul Bhide, MBA '20

    Citizenship: USA
    Recent Location: Mumbai, India
    Undergrad University: University of Pennsylvania
    Degree and Major: Materials Science and Engineering
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  • Rebecca_Allen_MBA '20

    Rebecca Allen, MBA '20

    Citizenship: USA
    Recent Location: Washington, D.C.
    Undergrad University: Tufts University
    Degree and Major: B.A., Middle Eastern Studies
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  • Steve_Tuekam_MBA '20

    Steve Tuekam, MBA ‘20

    Citizenship: France
    Recent Location: New York, NY
    Undergrad University: University of Technology of Troyes
    Degree and Major: Engineering- Management of Information Systems Major, Economics Minor
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  • Ying_Lin_MBA '19

    Ying Lin, '19

    Citizenship: China
    Recent Location: Beijing, China
    Undergrad University: New York University
    Degree and Major: B.S. in Finance
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  • Raphael_Korang_MBA '19

    Raphael Korang, MBA '19

    Citizenship: Ghana/USA
    Recent Location: Dallas, TX
    Undergraduate University: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Degree and Major: BSc. Electrical Engineering
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  • Michal_Zisman-Margalit_MBA '19

    Michal Zisman-Margalit, MBA '19

    Citizenship: Israel
    Recent LocationTel Aviv, Israel
    Undergrad UniversityTel Aviv University
    Degree and MajorDouble Major- Accounting & Economics; Advance Accounting Certification
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  • Jason_Rehhaut_MBA '20

    Jason Rehhaut, MBA '20

    Recent Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Undergraduate University: Claremont McKenna College
    Degree and Major: Bachelor of Arts in Economics-Accounting and a Finance Sequence
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  • Mary Njoki_Kiarie_MBA '20

    Mary Njoki Kiarie, MBA '20

    Citizenship: Kenya
    Recent Location: Boston, MA
    Undergrad University: Yale University 
    Degree and Major: Economics
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  • Siddhanta_Chaudhary_MBA '20

    Siddhanta Chaudhary, MBA '20

    Citizenship: India
    Recent Location: New Dehli, India
    Undergrad UniversityIndian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
    Degree and MajorBachelor of Technolgy, Electrical Engineering
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  • Sarah_Campbell_MBA '19

    Sarah Campbell, MBA '19

    Citizenship: USA
    Recent Location: Washington, D.C.
    Undergraduate University: Harvard University
    Degree and Major: Environmental Engineering
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  • Dymtro_Holovchuk_MBA 20

    Dymtro Holovchuk, MBA '20

    Citizenship: Ukraine 
    Recent Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
    Undergraduate University: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
    Degree and Major: Bachelor in Finance, Master in Finance
    Contact Dymtro

  • Phoebe Palmer

    Phoebe Palmer, MBA '19

    Citizenship: USA
    Recent Location: New York, NY
    Undergraduate University: Dartmouth College
    Degree and Major: B.A. Economics
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  • Eilon Shalev

    Eilon Shalev, MBA '19

    Citizenship: Israel
    Recent Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
    Undergraduate University: Ben-Gurion University
    Degree and Major: B.A. Economics
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  • Chandrika Maheshwari

    Chandrika Maheshwari, MBA '19

    Citizenship: India
    Recent Location: New Delhi, India
    Undergraduate University: Birla Institute of Technology and Science
    Degree and Major: M.Sc. Technology, Information Systems
    Contact Chandrika

  • Matthew Morton

    MAtthew Morton, MBA '19

    Citizenship: USA
    Recent Location: London, United Kingdom
    Undergraduate University: Claremont McKenna College
    Degree and Major: B.A. Mathematics and Economics
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  • Yessena Brown

    Yesseña Brown, MBA '19

    Citizenship: USA
    Recent Location: Lexington, KY
    Undergraduate University: Rochester Institute of Technology
    Degree and Major: B.S. Mechanical Engineering and Technology
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  • Benjamin Stevens

    Benjamin Stevens, MBA '19

    Citizenship: Great Britain
    Recent Location: London, United Kingdom
    Undergraduate University: University of Oxford
    Degree and Major: Arabic with Persian
    Contact Benjy

  • Aditi Shankar

    Aditi Shankar, MBA '19

    Citizenship: India
    Recent Location: New York , New Delhi, and Cambridge (of course!)
    Undergraduate University: Barnard College, Columbia University
    Degree and Major: B.A. Biological Sciences
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  • Lorenzo Aversa

    Lorenzo Aversa, MBA '19

    Citizenship: Italy and France
    Recent Location: London, United Kingdom
    Undergraduate University: Cambridge University, U.K.
    Degree and Major: B.A. and M.Eng. Aerospace Engineering
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  • Tassuda_Sirilerkpipat_MBA '20

    Tassuda Sirilerkpipat, MBA '20

    Recent LocationBangkok, Thailand
    Undergraduate UniversityChulalongkorn University
    Degree and MajorB.B.A Finance
    Contact Tassauda

  • Hansel_Hansel_MBA '19

    Hansel Hansel, MBA '19

    Citizenship: Indonesia
    Recent LocationJakarta, Indonesia
    Undergraduate UniversityBandung Institute of Technology
    Degree and MajorBachelor, Chemical Engineering
    Contact Hansel

  • Allison_Brouckman_MBA' 20

    Allison Brouckman, MBA '20

    Citizenship: USA
    Recent LocationBoston, MA
    Undergraduate UniversityDartmouth College
    Degree and MajorB.E. and B.A., Biomedical Engineering
    Contact Allison

  • Isaiah_Clemons_MBA '19

    Isaiah Clemons '19

    Recent LocationCharlotte, N.C.
    Undergraduate UniversityUniversity of Alabama
    Degree and MajorB.S. Chemical
    Contact Isaiah

  • Melinda_Salaman_MBA '19

    Melinda Salaman, MBA' 19

    Citizenship: USA
    Recent LocationWashington, D.C.
    Undergraduate UniversityWilliams College
    Degree and Major: BA, Sociology
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  • Robert_Rovai_MBA'20

    Robert Rovai, MBA '20

    Citizenship: USA
    Recent Location: Seattle, WA
    Undergrad University: University of Southern California
    Degree and Major: BS & MS, Aerospace Engineering
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  • Dominique_HallFowler_MBA'19

    Dominique Tayo Hall-Fowler

    Citizenship: USA
    Recent Location: Boston, MA
    Undergraduate University: Georgetown University
    Degree and Major: BA, English
    Contact Dominique

  • Bryant_Cortes_MBA '20

    Bryan Cortes, MBA '20

    Citizenship: USA
    Recent Location: Boston, MA 
    Undergraduate University: California Polytechnic State University, SLO
    Degree and Major: Economics
    Contact Bryant
  • Jens_Marshewcki_MBA '20

    Jens Marshewcki, MBA '20

    Citizenship: German
    Recent Location: Atlanta, GA
    Undergraduate University: EBS Universität
    Degree and Major: Master in Finance
    Contact Jens