Beyond Best Practice

Creating cutting-edge business practices

At MIT Sloan, the instinct for invention and reinvention is deeply embedded in the culture. Nothing is taken for granted, and everything is approached from a fresh perspective.

MIT Sloan pioneered the science of management, and engineered innovations that have changed the face of global business. System Dynamics, Marketing Science, McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y, and the Black-Scholes-Merton derivatives pricing model are just few examples of the unprecedented innovations originating from MIT Sloan.

MIT Alumni, steeped in innovative learning and practive, have founded many notable international corporations including Eastman Kodak, Hewlett-Packard, Raytheon, McDonnell Douglas, Texas Instruments, Digital, Intel, Bose, Polaroid, Campbell Soup, Gillette, Teradyne, and Zipcar.

Members of the MIT community constantly share new research and techniques that redefine the agenda in their field. By learning a scientific approach to management, graduates of the MIT MBA program are well poised to continue in that tradition.

Inventing New Fields

MIT Sloan graduates don’t just follow cutting-edge business practices — they create them by using quantitative and qualitative techniques. As the birthplace of quantitative finance, system dynamics, and marketing science, the School positively hums with energy that empowers such advanced breakthroughs. Invention and innovation here are cross-cultural, multidisciplinary, and intergenerational. Both are the results of collaborative excellence and the strong belief that, with extensive knowledge, deliberate effort, and entrepreneurial energy, the possibilities are endless.

Action Learning

"Mens et Manus" — MIT's motto, translates from the Latin to “Mind and Hand.” This “learning by doing” mindset permeates the MIT Sloan experience and ensures that our students learn what they will need to know to make a powerful impact as leaders in their chosen careers.

MIT Sloan is unmatched in the depth and breadth of its Action Learning opportunities. The School developed its modern Action Learning programs in 1992 with the advent of the Entrepreneurship Lab (E-Lab). E-Lab pairs interdisciplinary student teams with local business startups for targeted consulting with successful entrepreneurs. In our other, more globally diverse Labs, the student learning environment extends into the villages, cities, commerce centers, and boardrooms of the international marketplace. With Action Learning at MIT Sloan, you’ll have the opportunity to travel to strategic global business regions as varied as Silicon Valley and sub-Saharan Africa and to consult with some of the world’s most respected industry, government, and high-tech leaders — and with leaders in the making.

Reinventing Finance

Finance at MIT Sloan is integrated with MIT’s world-renowned Economics program. Breakthroughs in financial economics are regularly associated with MIT, and many of the most applied theories in business and on Wall Street — including system dynamics, operations research, and quantitative strategies — were born here. Our faculty is known for including the world’s most influential thought leaders in finance and economics — including Black, Scholes, Merton, Samuelson, Wang, Ross, Cox, Lo, and Myers, to name just a few.

Tours and Treks

Study Tours provide you with a course credit opportunity to identify an issue that you feel passionately about addressing, recruit faculty support, design a curriculum, and partner with participating organizations to address an industry challenge. Examples of Study Tours include a clean energy study tour to Europe and an education study tour to Brazil.

Study Treks are more informal, student-organized group trips that are supported by the Career Development Office. These Treks focus on areas with a high density of relevant businesses. Recent Treks have included visits to Japan, New York, France, Korea, Las Vegas, India, Silicon Valley, and Turkey.

Career Roadmaps

MIT Sloan offers a wide variety of career roadmaps that can assist you in creating your own path through the curriculum, helping you to focus on the best course for the future of your chosen career. If you’re undecided about which path is right for you, our career resources staff can assist you in narrowing your choices.