Career Roadmaps

MIT Sloan offers a wide variety of career roadmaps that can guide you through the curriculum and help you to focus on the best course for your chosen career. If you’re undecided about which path is right for you, our career resources can help you to narrow your choices.

Careers in Strategic Management and Consulting

Consultants and CEOs are generalists at heart. They need broad and deep expertise in the fields of finance, accounting, operations, quantitative mathematics, and leadership. With well over 30 courses directly applicable to consulting and strategic management, MIT Sloan consistently produces leaders in this field.

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Careers in Energy

In 2005, MIT President Susan Hockfield announced a new energy initiative, saying that the Institute had a responsibility to address the world's energy problems. Today, energy education at MIT Sloan leverages the cutting-edge initiatives that are ongoing throughout MIT to connect students interested in energy with one another, and offers individual courses focusing on the energy industry.

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Careers in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is about pursuing opportunities beyond the resources at hand. It is a state of mind — a desire and passion for change and for making things happen. Entrepreneurs are pioneers and innovators building new businesses from scratch or working within their organizations to create new opportunities. MIT Sloan offers a wide variety of entrepreneurship electives, covering such areas as Developmental Entrepreneurship, Energy Ventures, Corporate Entrepreneurship, and Social Entrepreneurship.

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Careers in Finance

At the crossroads of economics, strategy, and accounting, finance is the study of how firms and individuals allocate fixed and monetary resources over time and under uncertain conditions.

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Careers in Health

Whether you are interested in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, healthcare, or life sciences, MIT Sloan offers a variety of industry-specific knowledge and resources. Students benefit not only from the insight of our outstanding faculty and healthcare-related courses, but also from our vast alumni network and our proximity to the innovative industry community in Cambridge and Boston.

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Careers in Marketing

Marketing takes many different forms, depending on the industry. But what all marketing positions share is the sense of ownership over a product or service, as well as the ability to understand customer needs and desires — and to translate those needs into product development, marketing communications, advertising campaigns, and sales efforts.

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Careers in Operations Management

Operations Management (OM) relates to the production of goods and services and encompasses the entire value chain, from concept through delivery. OM embraces approaches that maximize stakeholder value throughout the value chain.

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Careers in Sustainability and Social Impact

Sustainability and social impact initiatives target the way that for-profit and not-for-profit businesses view, use, and manage resources. Their ultimate goal is to enable people, communities, businesses, organizations, and the planet to flourish, while taking an in-depth, integrated look at current structural models. By incorporating social equity, economic development, and environmental restoration at all levels, such initiatives capitalize on existing and emerging opportunities for greater long-term benefit. At MIT Sloan, students find the resources and knowledge to learn how to start or lead sustainable and socially responsible organizations.

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General Management

A general manager focuses on the strategic decisions that influence the business and the broad set of stakeholders that have a vested interest in the firm's success. The company's general management or executive team sets the business strategy by deciding which products the firm will produce, which markets it will pursue, and how new investments will be financed.

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