Leaders for Global Operations

Students in MIT's Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) program receive two degrees in two years: an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and a Master of Science degree from one of seven participating programs in the School of Engineering. LGO looks for students who have strong academic records in engineering or science, at least two years of work experience and who want to become industry leaders in operations and manufacturing.

Hands-on Program Integrating Engineering and Leadership

LGO's educational mix of management, engineering, and leadership as well as the program's close interactions with partner companies create an exciting learning environment.  Corporate partners host six-month research internships leading to the dual-degree master's thesis and provide generous fellowships for all students.

A Global Perspective on Goods and Services

Founded in 1988 as Leaders for Manufacturing, the program was created to help strengthen the U.S. manufacturing industry in the face of emerging global competition.  Since then, the program has expanded and evolved to address the rise of service based companies as well as the increasingly global orientation of manufacturing.  Today, LGO students are immersed in the full spectrum of operations related to the global production and distribution goods and services.  Equipped with strong leadership skills and technical acumen, LGO graduates go on to effect transformative change in the world through their groundbreaking careers at operations-based companies.