China Lab

Multinational student teams in China

The China Lab (C-Lab) presents an opportunity for hands-on entrepreneurial experience combined with a unique working collaboration between MIT Sloan MBA students and Chinese international MBA (IMBA) students. Pairs of MIT Sloan students and their Chinese peers comprise 20 four-person teams to consult on projects for Chinese partner companies.

The China Lab Process

During the three months spent working on their China Lab projects, the multinational teams of students may research and analyze issues as varied as market entry, commercialization, globalization, and financing — whatever issue(s) represent the most pressing needs for their host companies. Midway through the project, each MIT Sloan MBA team is hosted on-site at the firm's headquarters for two weeks. At the end of April, the IMBAs come to MIT Sloan as the project concludes, with the goal of delivering solutions to host companies that make a real impact. Student teams present their findings to the MIT community during the China Lab poster day session at the end of April.

China Lab Opportunities

The China Lab builds on the G-Lab model by integrating for-credit classroom-based education, faculty mentoring, and real multinational business experience. Students learn to work as part of a long-distance virtual team, as well as side-by-side, gaining invaluable skills as they navigate the challenges of cultural barriers and language differences. The China Lab will bring together approximately 80 students and 20 companies throughout the greater Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Xi’an, and Shanghai regions in a multicultural entrepreneurial experience that breaks through  the confines of the traditional classroom.