Entrepreneurship Lab

Hands-on with local tech startups

The Entrepreneurship Lab (E-Lab) course matches multidisciplinary teams of science, engineering, and management students across MIT with local startup companies. These student teams provide the companies with hands-on, targeted consulting in areas critical to new business ventures. The partner companies are typically tech-intensive, intellectual property-based, have fewer than 40 employees, and have at least one round of outside funding. Technology represented by past partners has included, but is not limited to: cleantech, life sciences, mobile, and online.

How E-Lab Works

One day a week, student teams actively work onsite with the top management of partner companies. While students gain hands-on leadership experience in launching and running a startup business, the companies receive assistance with crucial aspects of growth. Past projects have included consulting on such vital decisions as: choosing initial markets, approaching new customers, and communicating product value.

The E-Lab Process

The E-Lab course process begins well before the start of the semester, when both companies and students register and begin to learn about each other. Prior to class starting, students may begin to select company projects and form teams, while company managers often reach out to students with relevant skills and backgrounds. The final match-up takes place the first Monday of class, and teams meet with their host companies the very next day.

The first task for the team and the host company CEO, is to agree on and sign a brief project plan. For the remainder of the semester, the students work on that plan, frequently interacting with senior management. Running in parallel with the consulting projects are classes held at MIT Sloan. The content of these classes aligns with the hands-on projects and helps students build and actively apply pertinent skills.

At the end of the semester, each team presents its findings and recommendations to the senior management of the partner company.