Ask an MBA Student

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Ahmed Al-Bahar, MBA '16Ahmed Al-Bahar, MBA 2016

Citizenship: Kuwait
Recent Location: Chicago, IL
Undergraduate University: Florida International University 2009, University of Florida 2010
Degree and Major: BSc Mechanical Engineering, MSc Industrial and Systems Engineering

Pre-MBA Experiences
Technology Consultant for Accenture based out of the Chicago office for three and a half years serving clients in Houston and Chicago. I helped Oil Majors trade crude oil working on the market risk simulations desk and transitioned into a product management role in the SaaS (Software as a Service) practice for almost two years leading a team of developers to manage new features from ideation to deployment for stakeholders in the marketing and sales space.

Post-MBA Ambitions
I am interested in continuing to build my skill base as a product manager in the tech industry. I am looking into either working with a startup or joining a growth stage/established technology company. Geographically, I am primarily focused on working in the Gulf Middle East or U.S.

Summer 2015 Internship
Over the summer I interned for a growth stage startup called Okta, Inc. in San Francisco, California as a project management intern. I was very fortunate to work with an amazing product management team and was given the support needed to manage the end to end release of 2 features to beta and do interesting work around vendor selection to increase reliability and reduce costs for a core feature at Okta. My experience at Okta was exactly what I was looking for when applying to MIT Sloan back in 2013. 

Reading books about human behavior with Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman as one of my favorites. I am also interested in cycling, powerlifting/weight lifting, volleyball, travel and all things related to coffee.


Courtney Brown, MBA '17

Citizenship: United States
Recent Location: Chicago, IL
Undergraduate University: University of Michigan
Degree and Major: Industrial and Operations Engineering

Pre-MBA Experiences
I started off my career as an SAP technology consultant with Capgemini. I later transitioned to their Management Consulting practice and focused on supply chain management. 

Post-MBA Ambitions
I would like to get experience in executing on supply chain strategies for a large retailer or food & beverage company. I am most interested in companies with a large store and e-commerce footprint. I hope to obtain a position in corporate supply chain strategy surrounding Omni-channel fulfillment as well as innovative solutions to improve same-day, next-day delivery options for consumers.

Traveling, Snowboarding, Sports…Go Blue!


Aura Carolina Castillo, MBA '16

Citizenship: Colombia
Recent Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Undergraduate University: Pontifica Universidad Javeriana
Degree and Major: BS, Industrial Engineering, Master in Supply Chain Management from MIT

Pre-MBA Experiences
7 years of experience as project manager, and commercial and operations manager in the petrochemical and chemical industry in Latin America and the US. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia and I am a member of the board of directors of the Women for Colombia Foundation where I create programs to encourage and support women’s professional development.

Post-MBA Ambitions
During the MBA, I cofounded Takachar: a MIT-Harvard startup that develops clean cooking fuel by using organic waste in developing countries. I am interested in energy and tech ventures in emerging countries.

Summer 2015 Internship
I spent my summer working in the Infrastructure and Operations team at Facebook, where I helped design a new supply chain model to provide more flexibility to the planning team.

Volleyball, squash, and traveling


Joshua Chen, MBA '17

Citizenship: United States
Recent Location: Washington, DC
Undergraduate University: Carnegie Mellon University
Degree and Major: B.S. Business/Finance

Pre-MBA Experiences
Civilian project manager for a U.S. Navy shipbuilding program.

Post-MBA Ambitions
Operations management in a global tech company

CrossFit, golf, learning new sports, exploring new countries, and making and eating dumplings.


Sebastian Cubela, MBA '17

Citizenship: Argentina
Recent Location: Sydney, Australia
Undergraduate University: Universidad del CEMA
Degree and Major: BA in Economics - 2011

Pre-MBA Experiences
After college I worked in Economic Consulting, then I did research at the World Bank and for the last two years before the MBA I consulted for McKinsey working on projects all over the globe in Telecommunications and Oil & Gas practices.

Post-MBA Ambitions
I want to improve both my technical and soft skills while being involved with the greater MIT community (and all the opportunities this gives you!). From a professional side, I would like to gain experience in entrepreneurship to go back to consulting with a broader mindset.

I play soccer, volleyball, and I’m very excited about trying ice hockey during the winter!


Eitan Gor, MBA '16

Citizenship: Israel
Recent Location: Ramat Gan, Israel
Undergraduate University: Bar-Ilan University
Degree and Major: BA, Economics and Business

Pre-MBA Experiences
I was the team leader for a local operations consulting firm (Saving Point).

Post-MBA Ambitions
My original plan was to continue with operations, but recently I've been thinking of strategic consulting and investment management.

Summer 2015 Internship
I've spent my summer in EMC Corporation's internal consulting team. I've worked on a services go-to-market project and had the chance to revamp the company's costumer approach.

I love cars, sports, and traveling.


Ameer Jumabhoy, MBA '17

Citizenship: Singapore
Recent Location: Singapore (but I travelled a lot for work!)
Undergraduate University: Rice University
Degree and Major: Political Science

Pre-MBA Experiences
Before starting at Sloan, I decided to not take up offers I had at Morgan Stanley and Google because I’ve always believed in the concept of a family business as well as the mentorship one is able to get from a small outfit. I shadowed my father for a year in his entrepreneurial ventures in the FinTech and real estate development space before starting my own company in the FinTech arena, looking at new technologies to digitize loyalty/rewards without changing consumer behavior.

Post-MBA Ambitions
I’m working to roll out a new tech platform (hopefully!) with some classmates at Sloan. If all goes well, I would like to eventually return to the loyalty/rewards company I started in Singapore.

I’m an avid polo player and have represented my country, which has been a huge honor for me. Polo is a sport that takes up a significant chunk of my free time but aside from that I really like just relaxing, supporting my favorite soccer club, Arsenal, or just enjoining much needed recreational time with my friends and family.


Nikolaos Legmpelos, MBA '17

Citizenship: Greece
Recent Location: Boston
Undergraduate University: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Degree and Major: Diploma in Civil Engineering / MEng in Structural Engineering

Pre-MBA Experiences
I came to America in 2012 to pursue an MEng in Structural Engineering at MIT. I graduated one year later and joined an engineering consulting company specialized in nuclear power. There, I had the opportunity to work on safety-related projects for both domestic and international nuclear power plants.

Post-MBA Ambitions
Intend to pursue a management consulting career.

Soccer (lots of it).


Caleb John Li, MBA '17

Citizenship: United States
Recent Location: New York, NY
Undergraduate University: UPenn, CAS & Wharton
Degree and Major: BA in Math & BS in Economics / Finance

Pre-MBA Experiences
I started off in investment banking at RBC in their technology group. I transitioned to work at an investment management firm in Greenwich that focused on secured/subordinated debt and CLO equity.

Post-MBA Ambitions
I am exploring my career options. I plan to work in the technology space either as an investor or a product manager.

I am a big basketball fan and follow the Oklahoma City Thunder closely.


Ginika Agbim O'Kelly, MBA '17

Citizenship: United States and Nigeria
Recent Location: Washington, D.C.
Undergraduate University: BSBA
Degree and Major: Economics & Strategy Major, Anthropology and Finance Minors

Pre-MBA Experiences
Prior to Sloan, I was a strategy consultant for the public sector at Booz Allen Hamilton. During that time, I also served as a Board Member at Dress for Success Baltimore and worked as a pro bono consultant for a veteran’s services non-profit and a disability arts employment non-profit via Compass Pro Bono.

Post-MBA Ambitions
I look forward to exploring more business challenges and developing innovative solutions as a strategy consultant after Sloan.

Hobbies: Visiting museums, watching documentaries and British murder mysteries on Netflix, practicing my fluency in languages via Duolingo, running and yoga, traveling. Interests: Innovation, decision-making, consumer behavior, service operations, women’s empowerment.


Laura Schäffer , MBA '16

Citizenship: Germany
Recent Location: Berlin, Germany
Undergraduate University: University of Hildesheim, Germany, 2011
Degree and Major: Cultural Studies, Drama and Media

Pre-MBA Experiences
Founder, Artistic and Managing Director of a theater/interactive media company named »machina eX«. We develop interdisciplinary (stage-)productions and games, installations and services and partnered with theaters and media venues in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and the United States. Our goal is to create engaging interactive real-life experiences through creative design and innovative technology solutions.

Post-MBA Ambitions
My main direct post-MBA goal is to gain experience working in a larger company. Following my path of experience I am interested in Design Consulting and R&D/Innovation Strategy in media and high technology industries.

Summer 2015 Internship
I spent my summer at McKinsey & Co. in Los Angeles, working for a large media company in Operations and a leading telco provider on a Strategy study. Those two projects got me to experience two very different work streams within the consulting job and let me observe the day to day operations of two huge TMT companies, which was what drew me to consulting in the first place. I was extremely happy with my summer and will be returning to McKinsey LA as a full-time Associate next year.

Dance (from ballet to modern to street dance), video games, piano and scuba diving.


Ben Strauss, MBA '16

Citizenship: United States
Recent Location: Astoria, Queens, NY
Undergraduate University: Tufts ’10
Degree and Major: Mathematics

Pre-MBA Experiences
Management Consultant at Diamond Management & Technology Consultants, and then at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Post MBA Ambitions
Finance & Social Impact - working to use private capital to address social sector challenges.

Summer 2015 Internship
I interned this past summer at Social Finance US working on the development of social impact bonds.

Ultimate Frisbee, Politics, Hiking, Settlers of Catan


Bill Hong Zhang, MBA '17

Citizenship: China
Recent Location: Shanghai, China
Undergraduate University: Fudan University
Degree and Major: MS, Computational Biology, from New York University

Pre-MBA Experiences
I worked as an equity researcher and assistant portfolio manager at a Shanghai-based mutual fund. As an equity researcher, my coverage included healthcare, chemicals, media, metals and mining industries. As a portfolio manager, I specialized in IPO investment.

Post MBA Ambitions
I am planning to stay in the financial service industry, where I strive to leverage my knowledge in both biotech and finance to help serve and grow the healthcare industry.

Traveling, basketball, cycling, and swimming


Erica Zendell, MBA '16

Citizenship: United States
Recent Location: Boston, MA
Undergraduate University: Princeton University, 2012
Degree and Major: Comparative Literature, minors in Translation and Intercultural Communication, Chinese, and Latin American Studies

Pre-MBA Experiences
My first job out of college was as a Research Associate at Harvard Business School for William C. Kirby, assisting research for his recently-published book, “Can China Lead: Reaching the Limits of Power and Growth,” and writing case studies and teaching notes for his 2nd-year elective course at HBS, "Doing Business in China in the Early 21st Century." In Summer 2013, after surviving a roller-coaster year of health issues caused by celiac disease, I launched a gluten-free, vegan, and allergy-friendly baking company, Zen Cookery. The business has since transitioned to nutrition planning and consulting and homemade healthy food blogging. The summer before Sloan, I worked part-time at the fast-casual salad restaurant chain, sweetgreen, where I gained experience in customer service and operations in a retail context.

Post MBA Ambitions
I’m exploring job opportunities in product management and brand management in retail, consumer products, and technology companies, exploring the intersection of the physical and the digital. My mission is to help people take better care of themselves wherever they are in the world and am looking at companies that care deeply about the people they serve and do business in a way that aligns with my personal values.

Summer 2015 Internship
During the summer between my first and second year at Sloan, I worked at Sephora on their Store Digital Team in Product Management, focusing on ways to support the client and employee experience in stores using technology.

Blogging, gluten-free cooking, and singing


SLOAN FELLOW Getting serious about going global
"I had interviews and visited other business schools, and it’s nothing like the environment that we have here at MIT Sloan."
Abner Oliviera
CENTER FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESEARCH Bringing people and machines together

 “For 35 years, we’ve been studying how companies get value from information. … We try to help organizations take a more holistic view of what they are trying to do.”

Jeanne W. Ross
Director and Principal Research Scientist, CISR
G-LAB, RAS RESORT, INDIA Marketing in Mumbai
"The network of alumni was helpful because our team had a lot of experience in consulting, but not in private equity."
Gerardo Guzman
SLOAN FELLOW Merging disciplines for climate change
"I needed to get a better understanding of the interaction of management and technology. And I think MIT is an obvious place for that. There’s probably no better place in the world [for learning] how technology and management interact."
Pascal Marmier
COURAGE AND STRENGTH Supporting a student with breast cancer
"The Sloan community really rallied around me in a way that I totally didn’t anticipate. … It was just really nice to be a part of a community that I was totally comfortable in and felt completely supported by."
Kyle Maner
G-LAB: INTERGRUPO, COLOMBIA Growing a business by cultivating relationships

"The relationships that we forged helped us to turn out a better project. We were able to test our hypotheses with the people that we spoke with every single day. And really, I think the friendships that you develop really propel the work that you’re doing."

Ramy Hakim
INDIA LAB: EDUCATIONAL ENHANCEMENT Creating employable workers to boost the economy

“I knew about American business, but not enough about what’s really become a global economy. … You can read about it all you want, but there’s no substitute for being there and seeing the context and seeing how completely different these [other countries] are.”

Ted Chan
G-LAB: AIDS IN TANZANIA Striving for economic empowerment

“Because of the diversity of our backgrounds, when we hit the ground in Tanzania it almost was a natural play where different people assume different roles.”

Krishna Venugopalan
G-LAB: PRIVATE HEALTH CARE IN AFRICA Defining growth at a for-profit clinic

“At MIT Sloan you have a lot of opportunities to explore entrepreneurship. Especially in a place like Kampala where you have a lot of development, entrepreneurship can be very exciting.”

Anne Reilly
SWITZER FELLOWSHIP WINNER JASON JAY Focusing on environmental research and leadership

 “I love being in a place that is such a nexus of people and ideas — people coming to learn something new and to define themselves. Being a part of that process is a real honor and a real gift.”

Jason Jay
Lecturer, Sustainability, MIT Sloan
INSTITUTE FOR WORK AND EMPLOYMENT RESEARCH Adapting to the changing nature of work

“We’re very interdisciplinary. Among the faculty in the group are an economist, a political scientist, a sociologist, and an industrial relations specialist. We’ve always made a big effort to be open to a variety of perspectives, but also to go beyond being open to them, to want to bring them in, because it makes for a richer environment.”

Thomas Kochan
Co-director, IWER
LEADERS FOR GLOBAL OPERATIONS Connecting management and technology
“[LGO students] get the advantage of a small cohort. But they’re also part of the larger community. They’re part of MIT, of MIT Sloan, of the MBA program. They’re part of the core program that meets every fall, they’re part of the engineering committee; they get the benefits of both the larger community and the small cohort.”
Don Rosenfield
senior lecturer and director of the Leaders for Global Operations
G-LAB: MERCY CORPS, INDONESIA Using business principles to address malnutrition

“The conditions in the neighborhoods we were visiting were different than what we realized before getting there. Beyond that, what was surprising was that there weren’t surprises!”

Libby Putman
$100K WINNERS: C-CRETE TECHNOLOGIES Reducing the environmental impact of concrete

“One of the reasons I came to Sloan was because I wanted to be at a top MBA institution worldwide. But I also wanted access to working with the latest innovations and the highest technology that was coming out of the MIT labs.”

Natanel Barookhian
S-LAB: JAKARTA WATERSHED Combating a clean water crisis

“You could talk about watershed management and conservation of energy all you want. But until you put numbers to it and financial analysis to it, you’re not going to get much done. I came to business school to speak that language, speak with people in terms of numbers, financial numbers so that I can get projects done.”

Ian Lavery
MIT LEADERSHIP CENTER Changing views of leadership

“Our mission, along with the mission of MIT Sloan, is to both develop leaders who make a difference in the world, and also to make a contribution to thinking about the topic of leadership.”

Deborah Ancona
Faculty Director, MIT Leadership Center
G-LAB, KUALA LUMPUR Assessing the future of the Smart Card
"You have to manage what you can deliver for the company and what the company is expecting. The bottom line is that the CEOs of those companies want results. Even though we have to work five months in a row with the project, we have to deliver. This experience is more pragmatic than academic. It's a good opportunity to match those two worlds."
Camilo Syllos
G-LAB: WARMBATHS HOSPITAL, SOUTH AFRICA Improving staffing at a maternity ward

“I can honestly say that when I was planning on coming to business school I never thought that witnessing the birth of a child would be included in the education. It was definitely an experience.”

Kelsey McCarty
INDIA LAB: BANGALORE Working toward market expansion

“These companies are really excited to work with MIT students.They reach out to the community to set up these projects and are great to work with. They give us access to all their resources and are very open to us.”

Katie Baron
G-LAB: NAM MEE BOOKS, THAILAND Helping a book publisher mature

“It was really rewarding that they wanted to know what we thought. We left there being fairly certain that they will do some of the things that we suggested.”

Lia Cavalcante
RETAIL AND CONSUMER GOODS Luxury beauty and the multicultural consumer
"The goal of the Retail and Consumer Goods Club is to provide networking opportunities for students at MIT Sloan, and to educate students about different functions within the retail and CPG space. We bring in executive-level speakers to educate our community on this topic."
Nga Phan
MBA, co-president of Retail and Consumer Goods Club

“Our mission, along with the mission of the MIT Sloan, is to both develop leaders who make a difference in the world, and also to make a contribution to thinking about the topic of leadership.”

- Deborah Ancona
Seley Distinguished Professor of Management