Ask an MBA Student

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Hema Bajaj, MBA '15

Citizenship: United States
Recent Location: Los Angeles, CA
Undergraduate University: Columbia University (2009)
Degree and Major: B.A. Economics (minor Sociology)

Pre-MBA Experiences
After graduating, I worked at the Walt Disney Company as an Undergraduate Associate. For the past three years, I did Marketing for Nickelodeon Games Group, where I led several digital and print marketing initiatives. Outside of work, I was the Galas Manager for the Indian Film Festival of LA, for which I planned the Opening and Closing Night Galas, attended by over 1,200 guests, including world renowned actors and filmmakers.

Post-MBA Ambitions
After MIT Sloan, I would like to work in strategy consulting or human-centered design consulting. Long term, I want to work in a social enterprise that uses film and media to bring about social change.

Dancing, spending time with family and friends, watching movies, traveling, baking, photography, and extreme sports.


Neville Clemens, MBA '15

Citizenship: India
Recent Location: Mumbai, India
Undergraduate University: IIT Madras
Degree and Major: B.Tech Electrical Engineering and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University

Pre-MBA Experiences
I've had a fairly unusual trajectory after graduate school: a business analyst at Capital One in Washington DC, a monk in South America and India, and a productive maverick at Loylty Rewardz in Mumbai, managing loyalty programs for banks in India.

Post-MBA Ambitions
Currently interested in Operations as a field, but open to exploring and developing new interests as the program progresses.

Teaching and writing. I also enjoy playing a variety of sports including tennis, soccer, volleyball, and table-tennis.


Alanna Hughes, MBA '15

Citizenship: United States
Recent Location: Dominican Republic and Haiti
Undergraduate University: Georgetown ’08 School of Foreign Service
Degree and Major: B.S. in International Affairs, Regional and Comparative Studies (Latin America and Asia), Certificate in International Development

Pre-MBA Experiences
Dominican Republic Country Director for the New Development Solutions Group. I founded their first Caribbean office and have been designing/implementing their first Dominican models and co-leading models in Haiti since February 2012. We run community enterprise solutions – an NGO that’s invented the “MicroConsignment Model” which assesses which products & technologies could easily improve economic/health/environmental conditions in low income rural & urban communities and train local entrepreneurs to promote & sell these products. We also run Social Entrepreneur Corps, an internship program for undergraduates that operates as a social enterprise (generating revenue we reinvest in the MicroConsignment Model) and exposes young adults to field work in international development/social entrepreneurship firsthand.

Post-MBA Ambitions
I’m pretty sure I’m a social entrepreneur at my core, but I may take a crack at the private sector for a bit to hone some skills and pay off some debt before diving off a cliff again (like I did with a safety net under NDSG). Still hoping to get involved in a lot of entrepreneurship activity at MIT Sloan, though!

Travel, spending time with friends & family, running/hiking, going out dancing, reading, volunteering, and baking.

*Alanna is also part of the Tech Club leadership team. If you are interested in tech, feel free to contact her.


Gbenga Ige, MBA '15

Citizenship: Nigeria
Recent Location: Columbus, Indiana
Undergraduate University: University of Idaho (Masters); Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria (Bachelors)
Degree and Major: Electrical Engineering

Pre-MBA Experiences
I worked for Cummins Inc. a diesel engine manufacturer. In my last role before MIT Sloan, I led the team that delivered the fuel system software configuration for diesel engines sold in the North American, European, and Asian markets. My role also included the development of algorithms that ensured the engines met government emission regulations. I also worked with an NGO that provided educational supplies to low income elementary school students and coached U8 and U9 soccer in my free time.

Post-MBA Ambitions
I want to solve some of the most important problems businesses face all around the world as a consultant. As an extension to this, I intend to do some work in public policy as I believe that governments have the most impact when they work in concert with businesses to create successful public-private partnerships.

Self-professed soccer and Manchester United fanatic. I have tried so many times to learn to play the guitar that “learning to play” is now a hobby. I also enjoy road biking, international politics and cooking.


Patrick James O’Brien, MBA '15

Citizenship: United States
Recent Location: Jacksonville, FL
Undergraduate University: College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA
Degree and Major: BA, History, 2004

Pre-MBA Experiences
I came to MIT Sloan directly from serving as a pilot in the U.S. Navy, where I flew anti-submarine planes all around the world. I spent the last few years working in conjunction with the Boeing Company to develop the training programs for the Navy’s newest aircraft.

Post-MBA Ambitions
Consulting, Sustainability, Sports Media/Management.

Immersing my two young sons in Boston sports, playing hockey, camping around New England, and spending off-time on the South Shore.


Alexandre Pereira Prado, MBA '14

Citizenship: Brazilian
Recent Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Undergraduate University: Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France, 2007 and Unicamp, Brazil, 2007
Degree and Major: M.Sc in Engineering and B.Sc in Computer Engineering

Pre-MBA Experiences
Investment Banking (Goldman Sachs London, 2005-2006), Management Consulting (Roland Berger São Paulo, 2007-2010; and Bain São Paulo, 2011-2012)

Post-MBA Ambitions
Fast-track consulting career and create own VC fund/ accelerator; focusing in supporting the development of Brazil and other emerging markets.

Travelling, music, running, and photography.


Lucy Qin, MBA '14

Citizenship: Canada
Recent location: Suzhou, China
Undergraduate University: The University of British Columbia
Degree and Major: Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Pre-MBA experience
I spent six years in China working for a start-up high-tech company in a sales and marketing and business development role.

I want to continue working in the tech industry as a general manager.

Cooking, collecting different currencies, and traveling.


Danielle Russell, MBA '15

Citizenship: United States
Recent Location: Boston, MA & London, UK
Undergraduate University: Boston College - Carroll School of Management, 2009
Degree and Major: B.S. in Management (Dual Concentrations in Finance and Marketing)

Pre-MBA Experiences
Prior to MIT Sloan, I worked in various capacities at State Street Global Markets and most recently on the Foreign Exchange Sales & Trading team. In this role, I had the opportunity to onboard and manage several key client relationships and interact extensively with members of our global team through assignments in Boston, London, and Hong Kong. I also completed two rotations in the competitive Professional Development Program and held several other internships at State Street. Following a lifelong passion, I interned for the Boston Bruins professional hockey organization during my sophomore year at BC as a Marketing and Community Relations intern.

Post-MBA Ambitions
I am a member of the Enterprise Management Track working toward a career in management consulting.

Running, (training for the 2014 Boston Marathon as a member of Tedy’s Team), triathlon, sailing, travel, and Boston sports!


Ishai Shvartz, MBA '15

Citizenship: Israel
Recent Location: Karmiel, Israel
Undergraduate University: Technion Israel's Institute of Technology
Degree and Major: BSc in Electrical Engineering (2004-2008), MSc in Electrical Engineering (2009-present)

Pre-MBA Experiences
Worked for 7 years as Hardware Developer in the defense industry, last 3 years as Team Leader of 8-10 Engineers.

Post MBA Ambitions
Entrepreneurship and Tech

Writing poetry and short stories, traveling, soccer, and basketball.

SLOAN FELLOW Getting serious about going global
"This year we were so fortunate to have 26 nationalities. So it was amazing exposure. I feel much more well rounded as a global business maker than I was before."
Abner Oliviera
LEADERS FOR GLOBAL OPERATIONS Connecting management and technology
“We are preparing leaders to run the world’s operations companies. And those leaders are at the cutting edge of both management and technology.”
Don Rosenfield
senior lecturer and director of the Leaders for Global Operations
G-LAB, KUALA LUMPUR Assessing the future of the Smart Card
"You have to manage what you can deliver for the company and what the company is expecting. The bottom line is that the CEOs of those companies want results. Even though we have to work five months in a row with the project, we have to deliver. This experience is more pragmatic than academic. It's a good opportunity to match those two worlds."
Camilo Syllos
SLOAN FELLOW Merging disciplines for climate change
"I needed to get a better understanding of the interaction of management and technology. And I think MIT is an obvious place for that. There’s probably no better place in the world [for learning] how technology and management interact."
Pascal Marmier
INDIA LAB: EDUCATIONAL ENHANCEMENT Creating employable workers to boost the economy

“I knew about American business, but not enough about what’s really become a global economy. … You can read about it all you want, but there’s no substitute for being there and seeing the context and seeing how completely different these [other countries] are.”

Ted Chan
G-LAB, RAS RESORT, INDIA Marketing in Mumbai
"The network of alumni was helpful because our team had a lot of experience in consulting, but not in private equity."
Gerardo Guzman
G-LAB: INTERGRUPO, COLOMBIA Growing a business by cultivating relationships

"After we gave our recommendations, the great part was that the very next day the CEO was in the boardroom implementing them with his top vice presidents."

Ramy Hakim
G-LAB: WARMBATHS HOSPITAL, SOUTH AFRICA Improving staffing at a maternity ward

“I can honestly say that when I was planning on coming to business school I never thought that witnessing the birth of a child would be included in the education. It was definitely an experience.”

Kelsey McCarty
CENTER FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESEARCH Bringing people and machines together

 “For 35 years, we’ve been studying how companies get value from information. … We try to help organizations take a more holistic view of what they are trying to do.”

Jeanne W. Ross
Director and Principal Research Scientist, CISR
INSTITUTE FOR WORK AND EMPLOYMENT RESEARCH Adapting to the changing nature of work

“We’re very interdisciplinary. Among the faculty in the group are an economist, a political scientist, a sociologist, and an industrial relations specialist. We’ve always made a big effort to be open to a variety of perspectives, but also to go beyond being open to them, to want to bring them in, because it makes for a richer environment.”

Thomas Kochan
Co-director, IWER
SWITZER FELLOWSHIP WINNER JASON JAY Focusing on environmental research and leadership

 “I love being in a place that is such a nexus of people and ideas — people coming to learn something new and to define themselves. Being a part of that process is a real honor and a real gift.”

Jason Jay
Lecturer, Sustainability, MIT Sloan
S-LAB: JAKARTA WATERSHED Combating a clean water crisis

“I came to Sloan because of its high rankings within the sustainability community, specifically the professors. The S-Lab class itself is part of what drew me to Sloan. And the reason I came to business school was to learn the business speak that really is what connects with people."

Ian Lavery
INDIA LAB: BANGALORE Working toward market expansion

“These companies are really excited to work with MIT students.They reach out to the community to set up these projects and are great to work with. They give us access to all their resources and are very open to us.”

Katie Baron
MIT LEADERSHIP CENTER Changing views of leadership

“We are very much an action-learning environment. The way to learn leadership is not only through reading cases, not only through learning theory — in fact we don’t want people to regurgitate the theory. We want people to take theory and to live it, use it.”

Deborah Ancona
Faculty Director, MIT Leadership Center
G-LAB: MERCY CORPS, INDONESIA Using business principles to address malnutrition

“The conditions in the neighborhoods we were visiting were different than what we realized before getting there. Beyond that, what was surprising was that there weren’t surprises!”

Libby Putman
COURAGE AND STRENGTH Supporting a student with breast cancer
"The Sloan community really rallied around me in a way that I totally didn’t anticipate. … It was just really nice to be a part of a community that I was totally comfortable in and felt completely supported by."
Kyle Maner
G-LAB: PRIVATE HEALTH CARE IN AFRICA Defining growth at a for-profit clinic

“At MIT Sloan you have a lot of opportunities to explore entrepreneurship. Especially in a place like Kampala where you have a lot of development, entrepreneurship can be very exciting.”

Anne Reilly
$100K WINNERS: C-CRETE TECHNOLOGIES Reducing the environmental impact of concrete

“One of the reasons I came to Sloan was because I wanted to be at a top MBA institution worldwide. But I also wanted access to working with the latest innovations and the highest technology that was coming out of the MIT labs.”

Natanel Barookhian
G-LAB: NAM MEE BOOKS, THAILAND Helping a book publisher mature

“It was really rewarding that they wanted to know what we thought. We left there being fairly certain that they will do some of the things that we suggested.”

Lia Cavalcante
G-LAB: AIDS IN TANZANIA Striving for economic empowerment

“Because of the diversity of our backgrounds, when we hit the ground in Tanzania it almost was a natural play where different people assume different roles.”

Krishna Venugopalan
RETAIL AND CONSUMER GOODS Luxury beauty and the multicultural consumer
"The goal of the Retail and Consumer Goods Club is to provide networking opportunities for students at MIT Sloan, and to educate students about different functions within the retail and CPG space. We bring in executive-level speakers to educate our community on this topic."
Nga Phan
MBA, co-president of Retail and Consumer Goods Club

“Another plus is the international breadth of its student body. The students share their direct experiences and this greatly contributes to our understanding of various economic issues.”

- Kristin J. Forbes
Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson Professor of Management