Student Perspectives

Life as a Sloanie

The MBA program at MIT Sloan is highly customized after the first-semester Core. Action learning, along with our culture of empowerment and student initiative, results in a unique and intensive two years for every individual. Every experience will be tailored to each student's unique interests and goals.

Community, Ownership, Collaboration, Innovation

Certain aspects of life here seem to be shared by almost everyone. The palpable sense of community, ownership, collaboration, and innovation expresses itself virtually everywhere at MIT Sloan, and these traits permeate the student experience.

The MIT Sloan Difference

In the following pages, students reflect on their experience with those aspects of MIT Sloan that distinguish it from other management schools.

Snapshots of Life as a Sloanie

Read through the following snapshots of life as a Sloanie. What they have to say about the MIT community, their experience with the Core and the overall curriculum, their views on experiential learning, and their individual goals and aspirations may well surprise you.