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    MIT Sloan provides a wide variety of resources to help you develop the job search skills and contacts that will allow you to manage your career for life. We help you learn about your potential career options, teach you the skills you need to conduct a successful job search here and throughout your career, and help you maximize your employment options.

    As an MFin student, you will benefit from full access to both the MIT Sloan Career Development Office and the MIT Global Education & Career Development Office. The office plays a vital role in connecting our students with leading domestic and global firms. The MIT GECD Office offers complementary services and may have connections with additional prospective employers. We will help you identify multiple channels to build an effective job search strategy, including on-campus recruiting, job postings, networking, referrals, alumni contacts, and career fairs.

    Skill building

    MFin students begin building essential job search skills during Career Core in the summer. MFin Career Core helps you to develop your resume, write cover letters, improve and practice behavioral and technical interviewing, sharpen your networking skills, and even polish your etiquette. We help you prepare for the company presentations that begin in early September. Interviewing begins in late September.


    MIT attracts recruiters from a variety of specialties within finance, including asset management, investment banking, consulting, corporate finance, sales and trading, general management, government and official institutions, and other areas. We work together with student clubs to expose you to a wide variety of career paths available in finance and to prepare you to pursue a position in the area you choose.

    On-campus recruiting is a powerful tool for both students and companies, but it isn’t the only path. Many students find positions through a variety of alternative avenues, including job postings, alumni contacts, networking events, and other search strategies.

    Discussions, presentations, and panels

    Regular CDO-sponsored company presentations, expert panels, and other networking events provide numerous opportunities for you to explore finance areas you may not have previously considered for a career.

    MFin Asia Study Tour

    In the spring, students can elect to travel to Hong Kong and Singapore for a series of company presentations and introductions.