• Student Leadership

    Leadership Development Program

    The Master of Finance Leadership Development Program, in collaboration with the MIT Leadership Center, has been designed to provide select students with appropriate leadership skills training and development, as well as hands-on opportunities. The program provides practical leadership experiences throughout the year.

    Through this program, students make connections within the MIT Sloan community in order to promote a professional, integrated, and cross-cultural learning environment. LDP students are offered tangible leadership responsibilities to practice communication and teamwork skills, while developing a network of informed and engaged peers.

    MIT Sloan Student Senate

    A powerful force for positive change and community building, the MIT Sloan Student Senate is the school's official student government and a critical link between the student body and program management. Every MIT Sloan student is a potential senator, and we encourage you to participate even if you are not interested in the responsibility of directly holding office.

    By charter, the Senate advocates for the general welfare of students at MIT Sloan, working in partnership with the student body, the School’s program management, faculty, and alumni, as well as with companies who recruit at MIT Sloan and with students in affiliated programs.

    Senate Committees

    The Senate is divided into formal subcommittees that address various issues around the school: Academic, Admissions, Alumni Relations, Clubs, OneMIT, and Sloan Experience. Several informal subcommittees usually form each year around particular student interests, and have included topics such as professional standards and career development.

    Dean’s Student Advisory Council

    The Dean’s Student Advisory Council was formed to create an open forum between the dean of MIT Sloan and students. Council members share feedback with Dean Schmittlein about a variety of projects and issues around the school. Council meetings are held monthly and focus on leadership, visibility and outreach, and alumni.

    Club Leadership

    Behind every student club is a leadership committee, often elected or nominated by student peers. These student leaders organize speaking events, professional development, and conferences. Club leadership is a dynamic opportunity to sharpen leadership and management skills. A list of student clubs is available here.