General Electives

The MFin program offers you unparalleled opportunities to explore. In addition to the fundamental courses, you select graduate-level electives in finance or in other departments across MIT, including electrical engineering, computer science, economics, and mathematics. Courses have been strategically designed to provide a framework of knowledge and thinking skills that alumni draw on for the duration of their professional lives. You will personalize your curriculum with a variety of electives, tailoring the experience to the specific area of finance that matches your goals.

Course listings are intended to provide a window into MIT Sloan course offerings. Course names, numbers, and descriptions are subject to change. The course listing below is not a complete list. For the most up-to-date course information, please see the MIT Sloan course catalog.

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  • Accounting
  • Communication
  • Corporate Strategy and Policy
  • Finance
  • Health Care Management
  • History, Environment and Ethics
  • Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management
  • Information Technologies
  • International Management
  • Law
  • Leadership
  • Managerial Economics
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Operations Research/Statistics
  • Organizational Studies
  • System Dynamics
  • Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Functional and Strategic Finance 15.466
Taxes and Business Strategy 15.518
Management Accounting and Control 15.521
Mergers and Acquisitions: The Market for Corporate Control 15.445
Corporate Financial Accounting 15.516
Corporate Financial Accounting 15.501
Financial Accounting 15.515
Doctoral Seminar in Accounting 15.539
Business Analysis Using Financial Statements 15.535
Doctoral Seminar: Communication Skills for Academics 15.289
Communication for Managers 15.280
Advanced Managerial Communication 15.281
The Economic and Strategic Analysis of Technology Intensive Industries 15.944
Technology Strategy for SDM 15.905
Technology Strategy 15.912
Strategy and Organization 15.903
Strategic Management II 15.904
Strategic Management 15.902
Strategic Management and Consulting Proseminar: Practical Applications 15.929
Strategic Management and Consulting Proseminar: Current Strategic Challenges for Global Enterprises 15.928
Strategic Management 15.900
Special Seminar in Strategy 15.949
Leadership in the Real Estate Industry 15.941J
Explaining Heterogeneity in Firm Performance 15.943
Corporate Strategy and Extended Enterprises 15.903
Financial Market Dynamics and Human Behavior 15.481
Finance Theory I 15.401
Finance Theory II 15.402
Financial Management 15.414
Intro to Practice of Finance 15.403
Finance Theory (M.Fin.) 15.415
Introduction to Financial Economics 15.416
Entrepreneurial Finance 15.431
Investments 15.433
Options and Futures 15.437
Advanced Corporate Finance 15.434
Investment Management 15.439
Fixed Income 15.438
Advanced Financial Economics I 15.440
Advanced Financial Economics III 15.442
Advanced Financial Economics II 15.441
International Finance – Corporate Finance 15.444
Mergers and Acquisitions 15.445
International Finance – Capital Markets 15.447
Analytics of Finance 15.450
Proseminar in Capital Markets/Investment Management 15.451
Proseminar in Corporate Finance/Investment Banking 15.452
Analytics of Finance II 15.460
Valuation 15.464
Practice of Finance: Alternative Investments – Private Equity & Hedge Funds 15.490
Retirement Finance, Lifecycle Investing, and Asset Management 15.467
Practice of Finance: Advanced Corporate Risk Management 15.491
Practice of Finance: Perspectives on Investment Management 15.493
Data Technologies in Quantitative Finance 15.S12
Principles and Practice of Drug Development 15.136
Economics of the Health Care Industries 15.141
Dynamics of Biomedical Technologies 15.123
Critical Reading and Technical Assessment of Biomedical Information 15.122
Clinical Trials in Biomedical Enterprise 15.121
Literature, Ethics, and Authority 15.269
Choice Points: Readings on the Exercise of Power & Responsibility 15.268
Work, Employment, and Industrial Relations Theory 15.676
Urban Labor Markets and Employment Policy 15.677
Strategic Human Resource Management 15.660
Research Seminar in Industrial Relations 15.691
Special Seminar in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management 15.698
Power and Negotiation 15.665
Political Economy I: Theories of the State and the Economy 15.678
People and Organizations 15.667
Negotiation and Conflict Management 15.667
Leadership and Change 15.670
Strategic Human Resource Management 15.664
Management Information Systems 15.576
Management Information Systems 15.575
Workshop in Information Technology 15.599
Management Information Systems 15.568
Management Information Systems 15.569
IT Essentials II: Advanced Technologies for Digital Business in the Knowledge Economy 15.564
Evolution Towards Web 3.0 and the Emergence of Management 3.0 15.565
Information Technology Essentials 15.561
Information Technology as an Integrating Force in Manufacturing 15.566
Information Technology and Business Transformation Proseminar 15.598
Information Technology and Business Transformation Proseminar 15.597
Global Information Systems: Communications and Connectivity Among Information Systems 15.578
Management Information Systems 15.571
Fundamentals of Digital Business Strategy 15.567
Special Seminar in International Management 15.249
China and India: Opportunities and Issues 15.229
Special Seminar in International Management 15.227
International Management 15.220
Global Markets, National Policies and the Competitive Advantages of Firms 15.223
Sustainability, Trade, and the Environment 15.657
Special Seminar in Law: Law and the Commercialization of Cutting Edge Technologies 15.648
Special Seminar in Law: The Law of Mergers and Acquisitions 15.649
Special Seminar in Law 15.647
Patents, Copyrights, and the Law of Intellectual Property 15.628
Legal Issues in the Development Process 15.658
Law, Technology and Public Policy 15.655
Law and International Business 15.635
Basic Business Law & New Technologies 15.615
Basic Business Law & Finance 15.616
Basic Business Law 15.615
Tiger Teams 15.994
Spec Sem in Mgmt: Managing in Adversity 15.966
Practical Leadership 15.974
Organizations as Enacted Systems: Learning, Knowing, and Change 15.569
Leadership Lab for Corporate Social Innovation 15.975
Literature, Ethics, and Authority 15.269
Leadership in the Real Estate Industry 15.941
Designing and Leading the Entrepreneurial Organization 15.394
Cross Cultural Management 15.996
Special Seminar in Managerial Economics 15.040
Pricing Strategy 15.035
Applied Econometrics and Forecasting for Management 15.034
Game Theory for Strategic Advantage 15.025
Global Climate Change: Economics, Science, and Policy 15.023
Real Estate Economics 15.021
Competition in Telecommunications 15.020
Management and Policy in the International Economy 15.018
Macro and International Economics 15.015
Applied Macro- and International Economics 15.012
Industrial Economics for Strategic Decisions 15.013
Economic Analysis for Business Decisions 15.010
Workshop in Marketing 15.839
Strategic Market Measurement 15.822
Research Seminar in Marketing 15.838
Special Seminar in Marketing 15.840
Pricing 15.818
New Product and Venture Development Proseminar 15.836
Marketing Strategy 15.834
Marketing Models 15.848
Marketing Management 15.810
Listening to the Customer 15.821
Entrepreneurial Marketing 15.835
Foundations of Consumer Centric Technologies 15.819
Design and Marketing New Products 15.828
Consumer Behavior 15.847
Branding 15.846
Applied Individual Psychology 15.844
Workshop in Operations Management 15.799
The Theory of Operations Management 15.764
Supply Chain Planning 15.762
Research Project in Manufacturing 15.794
Seminar in Operations Management 15.795
Proseminar in Manufacturing 15.792
Product Design and Development 15.783
Operations Strategy 15.769
Manufacturing System and Supply Chain Design 15.763
Management of Supply Networks for Products and Services 15.778
Management of Services: Concepts, Design, and Delivery 15.768
Logistics Systems 15.770
Introduction to Operations Management 15.760
International Supply Chain Management 15.765
Case Studies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management 15.771
The Airline Industry 15.054
System Optimization and Analysis for Manufacturing 15.066
Systems Optimization: Models and Computation 15.094
Systems Optimization 15.057
Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis 15.075
Statistical Theory and Data Analysis 15.076
Statistical Learning and Data Mining 15.077
Statistical Consulting 15.068
Special Seminar in Operations Research 15.099
Special Seminar in Operation Research 15.097
Special Seminar in Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes 15.098
Queues: Theory and Applications 15.072
Optimization Methods 15.093
Nonlinear Programming 15.084
Network Optimization 15.082
Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods 15.073
Introduction to Optimization 15.053
Introduction to Mathematical Programming 15.081
Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization 15.083
Fundamentals of Probability 15.085
Decision Methodologies for Managers 15.071
Engineering Probability and Statistics 15.064
Decision Analysis 15.065
Data, Models, and Decisions 15.060
Data Mining: Algorithms and Applications 15.062
Competitive Decision-Making and Negotiation 15.067
Communicating with Data 15.063
Special Seminar in Organization Studies 15.328
Seminar in Social Science Research Methods 15.340
Seminar in Leadership II 15.326
Qualitative Research Methods 15.349
Seminar in Leadership I 15.325
Planning and Managing Change 15.315
Organizations and Environments 15.342
Organizational Processes 15.311
Organizational Leadership and Change 15.317
Managerial Psychology Laboratory 15.301
Managerial Psychology 15.310
Leading Organizations 15.322
Leading Organizations I 15.321
Leadership and Management 15.305
Leadership and Change in Organizations 15.318
Individuals, Groups, and Organizations 15.341
Doctoral Seminar in Research Methods II 15.348
Doctoral Seminar in Research Methods I 15.347
Doctoral Seminar in Behavioral and Policy Sciences 15.345
Building and Leading Effective Teams 15.316
System Dynamics for Business Policy 15.874
Research Seminar in System Dynamics 15.879
Introduction to System Dynamics 15.871
Applications of System Dynamics 15.875
The Software Business 15.358
Technology and Entrepreneurial Strategy 15.393
Strategic Decision Making in the Biomedical Business 15.363
Special Seminar in Entrepreneurship 15.397
Research Themes in Management of Technology 15.353
Special Seminar in Entrepreneurship 15.396
New Enterprises 15.390
Managing Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship 15.350
Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship 15.351
Managing Innovation: Emerging Trends 15.352
How to Develop “Breakthrough” Products and Services 15.356
J Innovation Teams 15.371
Global Entrepreneurship Lab: Emerging Markets 15.389
Entrepreneurship Without Borders 15.395
Entrepreneurship Lab 15.399
Entrepreneurs in Innovation: Information Technology, Energy, Biotechnology and Communications 15.398
Early Stage Capital 15.391
Disruptive Technologies: Predator or Prey? 15.365
Designing and Leading the Innovative Organization 15.388
Designing and Leading the Entrepreneurial Organization 15.394
Corporate Entrepreneurship: Strategies for Technology-Based New Business Development 15.369