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Meet a cross section of the class: an aspiring master of checkers; a scholar in clasical Indian music; a competitive rock climber; a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo; a participate in open-source projects on crowdsourcing and multi-agent systems; a competitive figure skater; a level six standard vocalist from China. All share a love of finance.

An Array of Independent Paths

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Shi Hui Ang
Shi Hui Ang flag157 Singapore none none Singapore B.S. Economics, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, 2011

I was very involved in Greek life with my business fraternity, Phi Gamma Nu (Delta Lambda Chapter) at the Wharton School. I enrolled in the MIT Sloan MFin program immediately after my undergraduate degree without any full time working experience. However, after graduation, I interned at J.P. Morgan's Investment Banking Division in their Southeast Asia Corporate Finance/M&A group. I also interned at sovereign wealth fund, Government of Singapore Investment Corp. (GIC) with their Quantitative Equities Division during my sophomore summer.

I will be heading back to Government of Singapore Investment Corp (GIC) upon graduation, and hope to begin a career in Direct Investments/Private Equity group within the fund to gain some deal experience. In the longer term, I hope to be based in New York or San Francisco.

I always try to live for the moment, so you'll find me seeking out different restaurants in town, going to concerts and sports games. I also love travelling and exploring new places with friends and loved ones.
Apostolos Apostolopoulos
Apostolos Apostolopoulos flag070 Greece none none Athens B.S. Economics, London School of Economics, 2011

I have interned in the systematic trading strategies arm of a London based hedge fund during the summer of my first year in college. I have also had experience doing equity research as part of an internship in an Athens based brokerage house before I started the MIT Sloan Master of Finance program.

I am very interested in working on the buy side, particularly for an asset manager with a fundamental positioning approach. I am also interested in other groups within the investment management industry and I would love to be involved in a start-up.

I enjoy traveling most of all, as I find it the best way to meet new people and have culturally enriching experiences. I also enjoy playing tennis, sailing and poker.
Wissam Baalbaki
Wissam Baalbaki flag099 Lebanon none none Selaa, Lebanon B.S. Computer and Communications Engineering, Minor in Business Administration, American University of Beirut, 2008

Prior to coming to MIT Sloan, I worked as an Assistant Portfolio Manager at Audi Saradar Investment Bank managing a leading equity mutual fund in the Middle East and North Africa region. I gained invaluable experience dealing with brokers, sales people, custodians, sell side research analysts as well as investors. 

I came to MIT to deepen my understanding of finance and apply it to the real world. MIT Sloan has given me the opportunity to learn from the legends of finance, such as Bob Merton, Stewart Myers, Andrew lo and Stephen Ross. After graduating from the MFin program, I aspire to continue working in Asset Management domain focusing on applying quantitative methods in investing. Boston and New York are the most probable destinations. 

I am a fan of traveling as I like to meet new people and know more about different cultures. My current position as MIT Sloan Senator has enabled me to strengthen my leadership skills and connect with highly motivated intelligent students from around the globe. I love sports, particularly soccer and boxing. In my free time, I play poker and wander around in Boston.
Jordan Gould Ledvina
Jordan Gould Ledvina flag191 United States flag086 Israel Washington Township, NJ B.A. Mathematics and Physics, Rutgers University, 2011

I participated in a lot of physics and mathematics research during my undergrad studies both at Rutgers and in Israel. I passed on graduate school, and moved to Israel to study Talmudic law for two years. Along the way, I edited a general relativity textbook, did some algorithm work for a private boutique venture firm, and then got drafted into the Israeli Army. While in the army, I created and developed my own database under the Army Rabbinate. I then decided to come to MIT Sloan. 

I started a company with a friend from college making physics education software games. We are currently building a core curriculum of games around a first-year physics course.

I love art and music and have been an artist and musician (trombone) for the better part of my life. I love to read and am currently on a presidential biographies kick.
Alexandra Kontopoulos
Alexandra Kontopoulos flag191 United States none none Philadelphia, PA B.S. Economics, Minor in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development, Carnegie Mellon University, 2010

Prior to joining the MFin program at MIT Sloan, I worked as a Financial Services Consultant with IBM Global Business Services for two years. As a consultant, I had the opportunity to work on an integration project at one of the world’s leading financial institutions. My experience working with clients from multiple areas of the bank instilled in me a deeper understanding of strategic growth opportunities within finance.

I chose the MFin program for its unique opportunities to solve real world financial problems inside and outside of the classroom. After graduating from the program, I hope to pursue a career in Asset Management, where I can perform portfolio analysis and apply dynamic asset allocation strategies using a framework of quantitative analysis and fundamental research.

I have always been a food enthusiast at heart and really enjoy taking cooking lessons and learning about new foods. I also enjoy reading a good mystery in my free time.
Jason Kamosi
Jason Kamosi flag201 Zambia none none Lusaka, Zambia B.S. Mathematics, B.A. Economics, Brigham Young University, 2011

During my undergraduate, I had the opportunity to help teach econometrics at a local university in Zambia. I also worked for a Consulting firm in Utah for a year, which provided invaluable experience and helped me figure out my passion in industry.

I have several, though my immediate goal is to work in private equity. Once I have gained deep industry insight, I would love to continue the tradition my father set: giving back to society. Beginning with building Zambia and Congo’s venture capital opportunities, I would then love to reform their education system, and finally branch out to doing the same in the United States.

I love watching movies, playing chess, tennis, racquetball (will be switching to squash), soccer, and traveling. When I travel I enjoy reading about the history and economics of the area, prior to visiting.
Oriana Lau
Oriana Lau flag069 Great Britain none none Hong Kong, China B.S. Engineering, University of Michigan, 2006

Before the MIT Sloan MFin program, I worked at J.P. Morgan for 5 years. I first joined J.P. Morgan as part of the internal consulting services rotational program, which had given me the opportunity to explore and work in different line of businesses within J.P. Morgan. After the program, I joined Asset Management's portfolio construction team. There, I helped manage discretionary model portfolios for more than $100B assets under management.

I hope to continue to build my foundation in the Asset Management industry and become a Portfolio Manager of a diversified fund one day.

I enjoy figure skating, and was involved in different groups and individual figure skating competitions in the past. Otherwise, I am interested in poker and pool in my spare time.
Joseph Lombardi
Joseph Lombardi flag191 United States none none Long Valley, New Jersey B.A. Mathematics; B.S. Accounting, Marist College, 2010

I worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Manhattan within the Banking and Capital Markets group as a tax associate for a year before arriving at MIT. Prior to this full-time role, I held internships in different accounting and consulting functions across various industries. I also spent a year researching mathematical epidemiology and presented my results at mathematics conferences all over the United States.

After my graduate studies at MIT, I hope to obtain a position in quantitative asset management doing research or some form of quantitative trading. Ideally, I would like to research portfolio optimization, or develop algorithmic trading strategies. I’m most interested in fixed income instruments and asset pricing.

I played Rugby throughout college and currently run and exercise whenever possible. I also trained in Taekwondo for over 10 years and hold a 2nd Dan Black Belt. I love just about everything outdoors including hiking and camping. Aside from sports, I play piano, enjoy reading philosophy and science fiction, and am still actively involved in mathematics.
Garrett Long
Garrett Long flag191 United States none none Riverside, Connecticut B.S. Economics with Honors, Minor in Chinese, US Naval Academy, 2012

I did my undergraduate studies at the US Naval Academy where I was the captain of the Navy Ski Team and the Economics Honor Society. I was Company Executive Officer for Plebe Summer (Freshman Indoctrination) in 2011 and greatly enjoyed the leadership challenges that such an environment afforded. 

Upon graduating from the US Naval Academy, I was looking to supplement the leadership courses and roles that I had with the technical and analytical skills that make a competent financial leader. After graduating from MIT Sloan, I am looking at strategy and consulting type roles where I will be able to use a combination of critical thinking, leadership, communication, and analytical skills. 

Outdoor activities such as skiing, camping, hiking, water skiing. I will be training with the MIT Ski Team and am a member of the US Telemark Ski Team.
Hongchen Pan
Hongchen Pan flag037 China none none Shanghai, China B.S. Finance, Minor in Economics, Washington University of St.Louis, 2012

Prior to joining the MIT Sloan MFin Program, I previously interned at Bank of American and HSBC, two largest investment banks in China.


My future career goal is to become a portfolio manager. Therefore, I hope to land a job in investment management upon graduation.

I really like watching movies. My favorite movies are American Beauty and No Country for Old Men. I also like Western philosophy. My favorite philosophers are Kant and Aristotle. Moreover, I am interested in personality psychology and psychology of intimate relationships.
Sougata Sarkar
Sougata Sarkar flag081 India none none Durgapur, India B.S. Electronic Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur, 2008

Worked for 3 years at Deutsche Bank in their Global Markets division across New York, Mumbai and London. Most recently was on the Interest Rate Proprietary Trading desk developing relative value trading strategies and building quantitative models. Previously worked for the Structured Solutions desk on asset liability management and optimization of fixed income and mortgage portfolios of banks.

Head back to the street! Most interested in sales & trading, structuring and strategy roles in fixed income, currencies and commodities. Also keen on finding good opportunities in hedge funds and investment management firms.

All India Radio artist and Government of India Scholar in Indian classical music. Love trading, reading, playing basketball and table tennis.
Yang Song
Yang Song flag191 United States none none Beijing, China B.S. Economics and Mathematics, Wellesley College, 2008

Prior to joining the MFin program, I worked at an economic consulting firm called Charles River Associates for four years in their Financial Markets Practice. There I provided rigorous securities litigation support for clients in a wide range of industries. My daily experience included, but was not limited to, conducting quantitative modeling and analyses on loss causation, damages and liability, settlement insights, and bankruptcy valuation.

After graduating, I plan to grow a career in the actuarial field, and hopefully after a few years I will have passed all the exams required to become a fellow. My hope is that not only I will find fulfillment by being in a profession that combines mathematics, economics as well as business, but also by helping in facilitating transparency and efficiency, and offering better products for the general public in need of life cares and pensions.

I love volleyball, tennis, and skiing. I also enjoy traveling, culinary arts, and reading.
Chris Stocking
Chris Stocking flag191 United States none none Boise, Idaho B.S. Physics, University of Utah, 2008

I worked at Goldman Sachs for 3 years in a group called Global Control. My group collaborated with others from almost every part of the firm to develop operational controls and other procedures for the various products and markets in which the firm was involved.

I hope to find a position doing HY credit research with an asset management firm. I learned to love numbers and modeling as a physicist, and found a love for business and finance during my time at Goldman. I hope to find a position where I can bring these two skillsets together.

I’m an avid rock climber (before graduating from college I competed internationally and was a member of the US National Team). I also enjoy cycling and recently have been learning short track speed skating.
Laura Taveras
Laura Taveras flag051 Dominican Rep. none none Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic B.S. in Economics, Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), 2009

I spent two years working as a member of the Treasury Department of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, as a part of the Foreign Exchange Reserves Division. There, I was able to participate in the Reserves Advisory Management Program (RAMP) from the World Bank, where I acquired invaluable experience participating in trainings aimed at promoting best international practices in reserves management. 

After I achieve my graduate studies I’m planning to continue my labor at the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, where I want to use my knowledge to improve the quality and efficiency of the reserves management. My long-term goals are based on the premise of becoming a competitive professional assessing the public and private sector, in implementing new strategies to enhance the financial system of the Dominican Republic.

I really enjoy traveling and visiting new places. As part of everyday life I am also a fan of cooking, reading and dancing.
Phoenician Tian
Phoenician Tian flag191 United States none none Chicago, Illinois B.A. Economics, Northwestern University, 2008; M.S. Information Systems, Northwestern University, 2011

I worked at Wolverine Trading for the past 2.5 years, starting as a rotational trader trainee before joining the algorithmic strategies desk, specializing in structured securities. In my spare time, I participated in open-source projects on crowdsourcing and multi-agent systems.

The intersection of technology and finance is something I’m passionate about. The idea of bringing together the innovations of both areas to tackle the challenges investors, markets, and financial institutions face will be front and center as I take my next career step equipped with the tools MIT Sloan and the MFin program have provided me.

When the weather is warm, I enjoy water sports: canoeing, kayaking, crew, and swimming. I also enjoy traveling, fantasy sports, and the Chicago Bulls.
Peter Vassallo
Peter Vassallo flag112 Malta none none Iklin, Malta B.S. Math and Economics, University of Nottingham, 2009

After finishing my undergraduate degree, I joined the currency option trading desk at JPMorgan in London following a successful internship there. I had the opportunity to learn about the practical aspects of trading complex derivative products at one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Upon finishing my MFin degree, I intend to work in the asset management industry. The challenge of generating returns while protecting capital in the uncertain, post-crisis world is one that my experience at MIT Sloan has helped to prepare me for.

I’ve had the good fortune to live in several different places, but I never get tired of travelling and would love to see more of the US. I also enjoy playing poker and train in Krav Maga.
Robin Vogelaar
Robin Vogelaar flag128 Netherlands none none The Hague, Netherlands B.S. International Economics and Business Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2011

Before the Master of Finance I was involved in many different activities. I did internships in M&A investment banking, the Dutch Central Bank, and in quantitative consulting. Besides, I also enjoyed being active for the student investment team and the student consulting club. These experiences have given me useful skills.

The Master of Finance allows for many careers. Personally, I would be very interested in working in management consulting and where possible use my financial and other skills to solve real-world issues.

When I was young I was very active in checkers and I spent a lot of time in order to become the best in the world (an aim that unfortunately never became reality). After I quit checkers when I was much older, I really enjoyed debating and politics, and I was also very active in tennis and jogging. These are activities I still very much like to do.
Fugang Yang
Fugang Yang flag037 China none none Shunde, Guangdong, China B.A. Finance and B.S. Statistics, Peking University, 2012

I studied in the areas of finance, biology, economics and statistics all before becoming a junior in Peking University. During my spare time in the past three years, I spent my time traveling and giving lectures to more than 100,000 students to help them with their learning efficiency. I also had the opportunity to intern at several different copmanies including J.P.Morgan, Citibank, and Deloitte.

After graduation from MIT Sloan, I'm looking to break into the investment banking industry. My mid-term career goal is to become a PE manager in China, providing enterprises with high quality finance and management service. Finally, I hope to use finance tools to solve educational unfairness in China, which is definitely my life goal.

I love to blog. During the past five years, I have wrote about half million words. Also, I am a fan of reading history books, traveling, playing piano, jogging, and cooking.
Nathan Yeung
Nathan Yeung flag032 Canada flag037 China Vancouver, British Colombia B.S. Mathematics, University of Waterloo, 2011

Pre MFin Experiences: I completed a summer internship at RBC Dominion Securities and two research terms under the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo.  Both of my research terms were focused on optimization, the latter specifically on applications of global optimization in finance.

I hope to find a research position to learn more about investing at the institutional level.

I enjoy a variety of activities, which include squash, golf, trying out new restaurants, cooking, and hunting for discount bargains. I am also trying to teach myself how to play jazz piano.
Catherine Zhang
Catherine Zhang flag037 China none none Cambridge, Massachusetts B. Econ. and B.S. Statistics, Peking University, 2011

I am a fresh graduate from college. Before joining the MFin program, I  interned at the investment banking department of Ping An Securities Company, Minsheng Securities Company and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.

After the program, I’m interested in working in the investment banking department in an investment bank.

During my leisure time, I enjoy playing tennis, swimming and singing. I have passed the level six standard vocal test in China and I was a member of the school tennis team during college.
Anass Afilal
Anass Afilal flag122 Morocco flag063 France Oujda, Morocco Ecole Polytechnique - Paris, Msc in Applied Mathematics and Economics

I worked at the World Bank in Washington D.C. with the Urban Developement and Resiliency Unit. I conducted econometric analysis on China's urbanization and recommended urban management best practices based on successful cases worldwide. Prior to that, I interned at HSBC Dubai, where I gained valuable finance experience working closely with structurers and traders. While in University, I also worked as a teaching assistant of advanced mathematics for Classes Préparatoires students at Lycée Louis-Le-Grand.

I chose to join the Finance program at MIT Sloan because of the tremendous number of opportunities it offers. Among many, the entrepreneurial spirit is what I found most valuable at MIT. Here, I found a lot of support for a startup project I'm working on, and I plan to gain more business experience working in Consulting before I go back and launch my own company.

I like traveling to new places and discovering new cultures. I am also a passionate horse rider, and I try to ride in every country I go to.
Zichang Cao
Zichang Cao flag037 China none none Shanghai, China Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Bachelor of Economics

I came straight out of college to MIT Sloan with internship experience on the trading floor of Morgan Stanley and BNP Paribas, where I discovered my genuine interest in the commodities market.

I aspire to be a commodities trader with a global presence.

I worked part time as a simultaneous interpreter during undergraduate study. I'm also an avid poker player and a Yelp enthusiast.
Xueyi Chen
Xueyi Chen flag037 China none none Guangdong, China Bachelor of Science in mathematics, Ohio State University

I have internship experience in the sales and trading department at Amundi Asset Management. My job was to synthesis research report for portfolio composition and assisted in drafting asset under management report. I was also a financial analyst intern at the Bank of China, with responsibility in writing online banking season reports and streamlining institutional client’s profiles.

I would like to pursue an job in the asset management industry.

I had an advanced certificate in Piano and  was the singer and keyboarder in a band. I also love dancing.
Simon Chen
Simon Chen flag032 Canada none none Toronto, Ontario, Canada Bachelor of Applied Science in Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo 2013

As part of Waterloo's co-op program, I interned with Susquehanna International Group's technology team and Merrill Lynch's prime brokerage unit; most recently, I was a trading assistant on the fixed income desk at TD Securities in Toronto and New York.

I'm looking to continue working in sales and trading in the fixed income, currencies, and commodities area. Given the opportunities at MIT Sloan, I'm also considering going into quantitative/macro investment management and proprietary trading.

I love to play tennis, basketball, ski, eat, and travel around the world. Since arriving in Cambridge, I've also taken up sailing on the Charles River which is a great way to relax.
Natan Goldberger
Natan Goldberger flag021 Bolivia none none Santiago, Chile M. Sc. in Financial Engineering, Adolfo Ibañez University

Before enrolling to the MIT Sloan Master of Finance, I worked for two years at the International Trading Desk of the Central Bank of Chile, and did an internship at JPAL LatAm.

In the short term, since I am being sponsored by the Central Bank of Chile, I will go back to Chile and continue working in the investments area. In the long term, I would like to start my own investment management firm in Chile.

Photography, digital design, music and religion.
Luna Gu
Luna Gu flag037 China none none Beijing, China BS Actuarial Science, Unversity of Illinios at Urbana-Champaign

Before joining the MFin program at MIT, I did my BS in Actuarial Science in University of Illinois. I am always interested in insurance and risk management. MFin program provides an excellent opportunity and a good source for me to delve into the analytics behind the finance world. As everybody would imagine, I was really excited before joining the MFin program at MIT. The program has a good reputation for its unique curriculum design, huge alumni connections, and the spirit for creativity and entrepreneurship. Everybody here is ambitious, bright, and motivated. I definitely have grown a lot under this atmosphere.

In the near future, I hope to contribute to the insurance/risk management field with the knowledge and skills I gain from MIT Sloan.

I love doing sports. I used to be a figure skater. Though I do not skate quite a lot here, I do running and yoga regularly. I also enjoy dancing, watching movies, and music.
Chen Hu
Chen Hu flag037 China none none Beijing, China B.S. in Finance, Accountancy, Electrical Engineering, minor in Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

I joined the Master of Finance immediately after graduating from the University of Illinois. During college, I spent summers as consultant intern at both Deloitte Consulting and EY in their respective Chicago offices.

My career aspiration lies in strategy consulting. In the long-term, I hope to leverage my knowledge and experience to run a business in the technology sector.

During my free time, I enjoy watching “How I Met Your Mother” and “Suits.” Additionally, I'm a 20-year piano player and competitive table tennis player.
Rasmus Kastoft-Christensen
Rasmus Kastoft-Christensen flag048 Denmark none none Copenhagen, Denmark BSc in Business Administration and Management Science, Copenhagen Business School

Before joining the MFin program, I was pursuing a MSc in Business Administration and Management Science with a focus on finance and its applications. While doing so, I was working part time at the Central Bank of Denmark in the Department of Statistics as a Research Assistant focusing on securities statistics. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to be an Instructor in courses such as Computer Science, Calculus, Linear Algebra and Finance at Copenhagen Business School.

One thing is certain, coming to MIT Sloan gives you a lot of opportunities. Currently, I’m looking to pursue a career within Management Consulting. I believe this will fit my personal preferences of working in a project based environment and giving me the possibility of gaining insight into several different industries.

I have a great passion for food and anything related to it. I have spent a lot of time exploring the various culinary opportunities in the Boston area – with great success. I also spend a lot of time on running, having the Charles and various green areas in the vicinity makes it a perfect place to go exploring. Come winter, I plan on exploring some of the amazing spots for skiing. Lastly as Boston is a big student city and located not far from New York there are a lot of bands coming to Boston whenever they play a concert in New York. This means that there are plenty of places to go catch some great live music – something that has already been utilized greatly.
Sameer Sunil Kenkare
Sameer Sunil Kenkare flag081 India none none Mumbai, India Engineering in Information Technology, Thadomal Shahani Engineering College. Post-graduation in Marketing Management, Welingkar School of Management Development and Research

After finishing my undergraduate degree, I joined the Private Bank at JPMorgan in India. At JPM, I have had the opportunity to work on change management and strategy consulting projects for operations and technology to ensure profitability and business continuity of the firm.

I am very interested in working in strategy consulting for financial firms, particularly for a management consulting firm focused on financial services industry. I am also interested in other lines of businesses within investment banking industry, and I would love to be involved in a tech start-up at MIT.

I love to meet new people in different programs across MIT and learn from their diverse experiences. I enjoy swimming, working out, motor biking, and sailing.
Sungyoul Kim
Sungyoul Kim flag163 South Korea none none South Korea Bachelor of Mathematics, Computer Science, University of Waterloo, 2013

Although I did not have any full-time working experience, I have done five internships during the undergraduate degree. The two most recent internships were in Woori Investment & Securities's FX Trading Desk and Scotiabank GBM's Financial Engineering Department. Prior to the financial industry internships, I also did two internships in Blackberry as a software developer.

After graduation, I hope to pursue my career in trading as a foreign exchange trader.

In my spare time, I love to work out and play basketball. I also like to travel around and try out new restaurants. I have a huge interest and enthusiasm in classical singing as well.
Orlando Luisillo
Orlando Luisillo flag116 Mexico none none Distrito Federal, Mexico B.S. in Actuarial Science, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)

I worked at the central bank of Mexico (Banco de Mexico) where I assisted central bank officers with domestic and international OTC derivatives market reformations, including with the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems of the Bank of International Settlements. I also participated in the risk management of both the central securities depository and the central counterparties. I authored quantitative reports to Board of Governors meetings about policy and financial markets oversight. Additionally, I coordinated projects with the main large value payment system and the remittances program between the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and the central bank of Mexico. 


I came to MIT to better understand how evolving technology affects the efficiency of the systems and market infrastructure of the derivatives market, such as how it affects liquidity. Estimating these effects requires advanced knowledge in the mathematical foundations of derivatives and a deep understanding of algorithmic trading. The Master of Finance curriculum includes these areas. I want to specialize in the infrastructure of financial markets risk management and to participate more actively in the international cooperation task, in which the central bank of Mexico participated.

I love sports so I joined the rowing team at MIT. Whenever it is possible I do skydiving, which is a pretty cool experience and is even better when you go with your friends! Aside from sports, I participate in the MIT Sloan Master of Finance (MFin) Speaker Series to bring financial industry leaders to campus to speak to graduate students about their industry insights, best practices, and cutting-edge work.
Kevin Mooers
Kevin Mooers flag191 United States none none Salt Lake City, UT Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Majors in Finance and Business Economics, Seattle University

I interned at, at Russell Investments, and on my university's student-run endowment fund. These experiences gave me a broad understanding of both corporate finance and investment markets. Most importantly, having some work experience is the best thing you can have coming to graduate school since it gives a huge amount of perspective in solving business problems and determining your career future.

My aspirations post MFin are to get a position in S&T at a major bank, or to go into asset management.

Whenever I have time away from studying and networking, I love to exercise or get outdoors. I alternate between boxing classes nearby or trips to MIT's gym. Boston is also a great city for biking and I can always find friends to walk the city or go indoor climbing.
Joey Pham
Joey Pham flag191 United States none none Tulsa, OK and Dallas, TX BBA in Finance with Honors Distinction; BS in Economics with Specialization in Financial Applications, Southern Methodist University (SMU) – Edwin L. Cox School of Business

Before MIT, I had completed a few finance internships in banking, equity research, asset management, valuation & economic services, endowment investment management, business financial advisory, and global/private wealth management. To note, my favorite experience was with a hedge fund where I served as a junior analyst to one of the fund partners. This experience is actually what drove me to apply and attend MIT so that I can pursue and further my passion in investments and markets.

I want to leave this program with strong relationships, a wealth of new information, and, most importantly, a career that excites and challenges me.

I love motorcycles, EDM, poocho, fitness-oriented activities: kayaking, sailing, hiking, camping, college football, technology, history, and the list goes on.
Neev Wanvari
Neev Wanvari flag081 India none none Mumbai, India Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

I was enrolled in the five year three co-op program at Drexel University. As part of the co-op program, I completed internships at Siemens Healthcare, Susquehanna International Group, and JPMorgan Chase.

I am interested in corporate strategy roles within a financial firm.

I am a sports freak. Being an Indian, cricket is in my blood. I love watching English Premier League soccer. I am a huge Liverpool fan. Apart from cricket and soccer, I follow the New England Patriots.
Mengru Zhang
Mengru Zhang flag037 China none none Beijing, China Bachelor of Economics and Finance, The University of Hong Kong

I came to the MFin program directly from college. During my senior year, I completed an independent study in investment management practice of US state pensions and endowment funds. Besides, I interned at Rabobank and Crowe Horwath where I got some exposure to the finance industry.

I would like to work in endowment management upon completing the program. I am grateful for the privilege to be educated at one of the best universities in the world, and I would like to pay it forward.

I love archery, swimming, and badminton. I also enjoy reading books on evolutionary psychology and neuroscience.
Qiao Zheng
Qiao Zheng flag037 China none none Guangdong Province, China Engineer's diploma (equivalent to Master's degree); Applied Mathematics, Ecole Polytechnique (undergraduate and Master's degree)

I have carried out two internships in financial industry before MIT Sloan. The first one was with Centuria Capital in Paris working as an investment assistant. The second one was with the quantitative trading team of BNP Paribas in Hong Kong for which I developed high frequency trading strategies.

I hope I could make sciences and technologies into good use in finance to create true value.

I enjoy sports, music, and reading.