Meet Our MSMS Students

Meet Our MSMS Students

What is it like to be an MSMS student here? Our students represent a range of backgrounds and interests. They experience MIT Sloan in their own way, yet create a cohesive community.

Yvette Kong, MSMS'23

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Graduate degree and university: Master of Business Administration from Tsinghua University

Pre-MSMS Experience: After graduating from UC Berkeley (Cognitive Science, 2015), I became a professional swimmer and competed in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics for Hong Kong. I then embarked on a career with McKinsey & Company in the Greater China region before setting up an APAC product development and innovation strategy function at the Estée Lauder Companies. Business strategy aside, advancing community mental health has also been central to my journey. Since 2017, I have been a founding board member for the leading mental health charity in Hong Kong, Mind HK, while earning a master's in Performance Psychology at the University of Edinburgh.

Why did you choose MIT Sloan? MIT Sloan's research and innovation-driven approach make it an unparalleled incubator to turn your ideas into matter. Here, you will find people from all walks of life ready to join forces and engineer a future together. I am surprised by the speed of action in the pioneering process, especially around interdisciplinary subjects. The ecosystem is curated such that students can exemplify MIT's motto "mens et manus" (mind and hand).

What are your plans for the future? While there are no set plans, for now, I want to create at least one venture coming out of MIT Sloan! Social impact regarding mental wellness remains a very strong interest.

What advice do you have for prospective students? MIT is for the dreamy-doers. When diving into this magnificent place, stay true to yourself, work hard, and be kind!

Jacquelyn Li, MSMS '22  

Citizenship: Canada

Partner School: Tsinghua University

Industry of Interest: Tech, consulting, digital health

Pre-MSMS Experience: ​Prior to MSMS, I had been an engineering and management professional with 5 years of experience delivering medium to large scale projects in energy and the public sector in Canada and the US. Graduated with a BSc in Civil Engineering in 2017, I coordinated and managed a facility maintenance project, a LEED K-9 school new-build project, and a rebuild project for a refinery that got blown up in a fire. While I enjoyed witnessing and learning from the tangible impacts made by my work from first-hand experiences on-site, I wanted to have a more holistic view of how a business works and how to leverage data and technology to improve business performance, hence I decided to join the Tsinghua GMBA program that ultimately led me to the MSMS program at MIT.

Post-MSMS Ambitions: MSMS gave me an opportunity to explore different potential career paths through connections with industry experts, action learning labs, lectures, and seminars, which allowed me to discover my passion for analytics, technology, and mission-driven work. I will move on to become a Sr. Product Manager at Amazon post-graduation where I will be able to leverage my passions and skills to improve customers' lives, and I wish to continue to embrace these values along my career journey to create a positive impact in the world.

What clubs or activities you are involved with on campus? As the MSMS senator on the Sloan Senate, I was honored with the opportunity to work with senators from other programs and the admin team to drive positive changes within Sloan and MSMS. This year, with amazing support from our cohort and the admin team, we were able to achieve several major milestones, including making MSMS STEM certified to qualify for 3 years of OPT, and increasing program visibility for a more integrated OneSloan. I am also an active member of the Product Management Club and Greater China Club. 

Inderpreet Singh, MSMS '22  

Citizenship: Indian

Partner School: IE Business School

Industry of Interest: Technology; Consulting

Pre-MSMS Experience: I started my career doing investment research for private equity and investment banking clients at Evalueserve in India and Chile. Afterward, I moved to KPMG’s Deal Advisory arm in Santiago, Chile. I was Senior Manager and together with my team, I was helping my clients acquire, divest and finance companies or projects. The KPMG’s experience introduced me to a variety of industries and clients around the world. This broad horizon helped me discover my passion for technology and entrepreneurship. To pursue this passion and take my career to the next stage, I joined IE Business School’s International MBA program in Madrid, where I not only pursued general management courses but also undertook the entrepreneurship path by doing its flagship ‘Start-up’ lab program. 

Post-MSMS Ambitions: After my MSMS degree, I plan to integrate my consulting experience with the technology sector. I feel that would make me a more rounded professional in the 21st century and prepare me to successfully lead my own venture or drive a large organization in the future. Sloan’s business analytics and technology courses really helped me gain new skills, opening new doors of opportunities for me. Additionally, I also pursued the Sustainability certificate which gave me the knowledge and tools to navigate the multifaceted sustainability challenges of our society.

What clubs or activities you are involved with on campus? On the professional front, I enjoy attending guest lectures of distinguished MIT professors and alumni. Student-run clubs such as the Product Management club and the Consulting club were helpful during the hiring process.  On the personal front, I cherish various social events at Sloan and residence halls. MIT’s entrepreneurship ecosystem such as Start MIT and Sandbox program introduced me to new ideas and people. I also play cricket and squash at Z-center and have late-night walks with my friends to MIT’s Banana Lounge.