Prof. Rebecca Henderson and MBA student Rebecca Kirk

February 2001, MIT Sloan faculty/staff page

MIT Sloan professors Kristin Forbes and Rebecca Henderson shared Teacher of the Year honors for the 2000-2001 academic year.

Awarded to the professor considered by the student body to be the outstanding teacher of the year, the prize is based on the number and strength of the nominations. This year, almost 200 nominations were received, recognizing 49 faculty members (almost half of the faculty roster) for their excellence in teaching.

The honors were announced May 3 at the 13th annual Faculty Appreciation Day at MIT Sloan. Now in it's eleventh year, the tradition was created by MIT Sloan students to recognize the importance of superior teaching and to honor faculty commitment toward this pursuit.

Kristin Forbes was recognized for her work in Applied Macro and International Economics. In her third year of teaching, Kristin received her Ph.D. at Sloan in 1998. Kristin's commitment to her teaching is evidenced by the following student comments:

  • "Kristin is a remarkable instructor and a caring professor that can really explain and relate complicated macro material in a way that is logical and sensible to all of us."
  • "Professor Forbes combines her high levels of enthusiasm and knowledge to provide the class with a thorough learning experience. Her enthusiasm takes the form of making every single class a VERY interesting class."
  • "Professor Forbes did a fantastic job of making one of my not-so favorite topics extremely interesting and rewarding."

Rebecca Henderson, honored many times in the past for her teaching of Technology Strategy, was lauded by her nominators as follows:

  • "Rebecca's tech strategy course is truly a gem. Her skills as a teacher are outstanding. Her classes never failed to stimulate us intellectually and yet she never lost sight of the important objective of making the material practical to us as well."
  • "Technology Strategy is the single best course I have taken at Sloan and she is the best professor I've had at Sloan."
  • "She inspires, teaches, and supports students, and she really deserves the teaching award."

Excellence in Teaching awards were also given to Paul Asquith, Richard Frankel, Rob Freund, George Plesko, Kevin Rock, and Shoji Shiba. Natalie Brain, SM '01, and Fabrizio Campelli, SM '01, were recognized with Outstanding Teaching Assistant honors.

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