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Joint programs to reflect the core strengths of the two schools, respective expertise in leadership, innovation, and a shared global vision

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Cambridge, Mass. and LAUSANNE, Switzerland — June 25, 2002 — Two world-class business schools — MIT Sloan School of Management, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and IMD (International Institute for Management Development), in Lausanne, Switzerland — have agreed to form an alliance in the area of executive education. The alliance will offer a series of jointly developed, run and marketed executive programs on both sides of the Atlantic, leveraging IMD's internationality and real world interactive learning approach and Sloan's long experience in innovative, high technology enterprise management skills.

“This is a win-win situation for both institutions,” says Donald Lessard, Deputy Dean of MIT Sloan. “IMD is a leader in executive education, with a very strong leadership and management focus and deep connections into the European business community. And we are a cutting edge, research-based business school with a very strong analytical and innovation focus and long-term relationships in the U.S. and abroad. This is an alliance based on complementary strengths, and the combination of the two faculties is unbeatable.”

The alliance partners anticipate offering three to five non-degree programs each year — each three to five days in length — to be presented on an open enrollment basis on each campus. The first joint program, offered initially on the IMD campus, “Leadership Dilemmas for Profitable Growth: A Top Executive Forum” (Spring 2003) will be designed to help executives examine and make decisions concerning the difficult tradeoffs between meeting current performance expectations and competing for the future. “Driving Strategic Innovation” (Fall 2003), the second program in the series, will be first offered on the MIT Sloan campus, and will be focused on creating value for senior executives seeking growth for their enterprises through successful innovation.

Executive education, which some say began in 1931 when Sloan launched its Sloan Fellows program, is an important part of what MIT Sloan delivers. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2002, Sloan shapes innovative leaders who will create, redefine, and build cutting-edge products, markets, and organizations. MIT Sloan, as part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, delivers this through a combination of undergraduate, M.S., MBA, Ph.D., and specialized executive programs.

IMD was founded in 1990 as a result of the merger of two renowned international management education centers, IMI Geneva (established in 1946) and IMEDE Lausanne (established in 1957). With state-of-the-art learning facilities, an outstanding market-driven faculty, and a globally-recognized MBA program, IMD is known for adapting with speed and intellectual rigor to the latest business and management issues. IMD's President, Peter Lorange, who began his teaching career at MIT Sloan in the 1970s, is well known to many of the Sloan faculty.

“Both Sloan and IMD have outstanding brand names, so the market will appreciate the combination of the two,” explains Lorange. “We are combining our strengths to change the way executive education is created and delivered, providing our global customers and alumni cutting-edge leadership expertise, research, and managerial thinking to power innovation and growth.”

“In recent years, we've begun to be more active in non-degree programs, to relate more closely to our alumni and corporate partners,” says Richard Schmalensee, Dean of MIT Sloan. “We think this alliance will enable us to attain new levels of excellence and effectiveness in this important area.”

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