15 of the Top Companies Launched
— More than 80 companies, 1600 employees, $4 billion in value

Akamai, Cambridge, MA
1998 MIT $50K Finalist
Speeds internet delivery by ensuring the highest levels of availability, reliability, security, and performance of networked information and applications. Over 1100 customers on more than 1000 networks and 14,000 servers use Akamai technology. (Nasdaq: AKAM)

Brigade, Cambridge, MA
1998 MIT $50K Entrant
Business process outsourcing services and customer relationship management for multinational corporations.

Direct Hit, Natick, MA
1998 MIT $50K Grand Prize winner
Ranks Web sites according to the amount of traffic the site gets and the length of time people stay. (Acquired by AskJeeves for $500M in 2000.)

Firefly Network, Inc., Cambridge, MA
1995 MIT $50K Finalist
Internet applications software that enables businesses to build personalized relationships with individuals and create communities around their brands, while protecting privacy. (Acquired by Microsoft for $40M in 1998.)

Frictionless Commerce, Cambridge, MA
1998 MIT $50K Semi-Finalist
Enterprise-wide sourcing software that enables professional buyers to apply their expertise when and where it matters.

Harmonix Music Systems, Cambridge, MA
1995 MIT $50K entrant
Harmonix specializes in highly innovative entertainment software, specifically music video games.

InterSense Inc., Burlington, MA
1996 MIT $50K Runner-up
Inertial-based technology to deliver fast, accurate, driftless motion tracking solutions free of the lag and jitter common to traditional technologies.

Into Networks, Cambridge, MA
1996 MIT $50K Semi-Finalist
Software for the broadband Internet market. (No longer active.)

net.Genesis, Cambridge, MA
1995 MIT $50K Finalist
Software for Internet systems management, including Web site usage tracking and analysis to enhance Web site productivity. (IPO in 2000, acquired by SPSS for $45M in 2001.)

Neurometrix, Inc., Waltham, MA
1996 MIT $50K entrant
Develops and commercializes a line of neurological diagnostic tests and therapeutic interventions.

Optiant, Inc., Burlington, MA
2000 MIT $50K Entrant
Designs competitive and profitable supply chains for Global 2000 manufacturers.

Patient Keeper, Cambridge, MA
1998 MIT $50K Semi-Finalist
Allows physicians to manage patient information anytime, anywhere with mobile technology.

Silicon Spice, Mountain View, CA
1995 MIT $50K entrant
Develops high performance programmable semiconductors for the telecommunications industry. (Acquired by Broadcom for $1.2B in 2000.)

Virtual Ink, Boston, MA
1997 MIT $50K Runner-up
Develops white-board transcription products and software.

WebLine Communications, Burlington, MA
1996 MIT $50K Grand Prize winner
Develops Java-based customer interaction management software that allows users to work with remote prospects over the Web while talking on the phone. (Acquired for $325M by Cisco in 1999.)

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